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March 30, 2004

Viva Las Vegas 7


Here it comes! 5 days of unbridled debauchery in Sin City!

Viva Las Vegas 7
April 8-11, 2004
Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

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March 25, 2004

March 26th Film Releases

I hope you're not busy this weekend, because you're going to the movies! Good (and bad) movies abound and we must participate in true American fashion with a display of fiscal democracy. Atlas shrugged and Ayn Rand shed a tear of pride.

1) Mayor of the Sunset Strip
2) Dogville
3) The Ladykillers

Surprise, surprise. A documentary made it to #1 on my list and I have to say that it is indeed a "must see."

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
I was surprised there was a first, let alone a second.

The Ladykillers
It may be a remake, but it's a Coen brothers remake. Remember the magic they worked with Homer's The Odyssey? Lets just hope it wasn't their shark jumping film.
It has none of their usual cast (no Tutturo or Goodman), but it does have Tom Hanks and I am very interested in finding out how this mixes.

Jersey Girl
It's a Kevin Smith movie, but it's also the last gasp from what was formerly known as BenLo. Kevin Smith (good). BenLo (bad). Kevin Smith ($10). BenLo (no $10). I could go on like this for hours, but I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD.

Never Die Alone
Another rap star vehicle, only this time DMX stretches his minimal skills as an actor to portray an exiled drug dealer. There's so much lack of breadth here, it makes me feel asthmatic.

Dogville (limited release)
Mysterious Nicole Kidman is on the run from gangsters during the Great Depression. She finds safe haven in a small mountain town, but the residents make her pay dearly for her refuge.
A great cast and a solid director known for taking great risks and being very successful (Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark). Its not an upper.

Ned Kelly
Heath Ledger (major hottie) plays the patriarch of an Irish family sent to the Australian penal colony. After having enough of being persecuted by his English oppressors, he forms his own band of outlaws and takes over the island.
Too bad it didn't come out St. Patty's Day weekend, but it's still a close runner up for my $10.

Mayor of the Sunset Strip
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll in a documentary film about KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer (sometimes known as the Freakish Little Gnome or just plain Creepy). It's a great film about an amazing and sad individual who never failed to pick out the next big thing in music.
Features interviews with Gwen Stefani, Chris Martin, Chris Carter, Kim Fowley (Caligula in leopard print)(evil), and BOWIE!!!!

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March 20, 2004

SXSW Day 8 - Ms. Jen's Sat. 3/20/04 Dispatch

View from the Airplane
View of Mt San Jacinto from the Airplane

DAY 8!!! The Marathon is now in the 26th mile...........

I slept until noon, thank God. Packed my bags and then a large posse of us (Wanda, Vicky, Alex H., Norma, Heidi, Sabrina and the other Alex) went to lunch at Las Manitas. After lunch, we went to see the Flatstock concert poster exhibition at the Convention Center, both Alex and Wanda bought posters.

At 3:30pm Super Shuttle showed up to take me to the airport and off I went. At the airport, I had a nice chat with Tom Ward of Fat Wreck before our respective planes took off.

Lucky Laura picked me up at LAX and we went to dinner at Aki in Long Beach. I went to bed around 1am and woke up on Sunday at what I thought was noon, but I realized a bit later that I had not set my clocks back to Pacific Time. Oops Now I am exhausted and it is really midnight PST Sunday.

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March 19, 2004

SXSW Day 7 - Ms. Jen's Fri. 3/19/04 Dispatch

Afternoon The Spin Magazine Party at Stubbs. As I arrived The Killers were on their last two songs, not enough to give a report. Next up was The Von Bondies who played fun, rhythmic, bordering on monotonous rock. For all the hype surrounding The Von Bondies and for all the involuntary bouncing that I did during their set, I could not remember a single song or melody or chorus after they left the stage.

The highlight of the afternoon party set was The Hives, who do live up to all the monumental hype. On this hot and muggy afternoon, in the backyard of Stubbs BBQ, Swedens golden boys were dressed in white suits with black button up shirts and white country bow ties. The Hives were fun, sassy, peppy, and dressed to kill or least dressed for a good heat stroke. Where their fellow countrymen, T(I)NC, are overly political, The Hives play kick ass, catchy rocknroll all the while jokingly injecting politics into the mix. Ha! And you just thought the Scandinavian Invasion was just about lots of great hard rock bands? Ha! They love themselves a whole lot of politics, too.

All jokes about the Dr. Weapons of Mass Destruction and his too long bass solo in the middle of I Wanna aside, The Hives did a damned fine job and are a damned fine band.

5pm The Spits at Beerland free show. The Spits are good punk from Seattle in the same vein as the Briefs. How come Seattle and the Northwest gets all those great bands and we only have the Stitches? The Pervz need to move to LA...

7pm Dinner at Louies 106 with Wanda, Alex, Mike Coyle, and Adaline. Excellent food and excellent company. Huge thanks to Mike.

9pm Emos Jr. Pistol Grip Pomonas contribution to street punk/oi! consistently plays good shows and never fail to please the crowd. As usual, all the cute girls were plastered up against the stage to ogle the singer. The Texans were a bit timid to start a pit until the Unseen guys decided to do it for them.

10pm Throw Rag Rock up close and personal. Throw Rag puts the Pyscho in pyschobilly, even though they are not pyschobilly, but more punk(abilly) at its best. They one up the Cramps at 165 m.p.h.

The perils of being a reporter at a Throw Rag showas I was taking the above notes during the show, washboard & spoons player, Craig, noticed I was writing, he took offense. He demanded to know what I was writing which I did not hear. So, he demanded again more loudly into to the microphone, What are you writing? Stop that! I shook my head, which I dont remember doing but Julie Wanda insists that I did, and then Craig dragged me up on stage protesting all the way. He took off the washboard and put it on me so that I could play it during Please Dont Touch. I tried to escape twice, but Craig would not let me go. At all. I made the best of it by *attempting* to shimmy during the chorus and play the spoons along the washboard with the drummer. Yikes!

11pm Emos Jr The Briefs Seattles punk rock finest have signed with BYO. This showcase was particularly punk and thrashy. Unfortunately, I had to leave 3 songs into it to trot across the street to Emos Annex for Flogging Molly.

Flogging Molly was so packed out that not even badges were getting into the show, so Blue got Steve and Steve walked Alex and I into the show via the backstage and drum riser as the band was playing. We stood on the accordion players side of the stage and Alex commandeered my camera to get lots of photos.

Flogging Molly was excellent. The crowd of fans and music industry folk went wild for their brand of Irish/Celtic rock/punk. The highlight of the set was Drunken Lullabies, which has been getting quite a bit of radio airplay here in SoCal.

12am Emos Jr. Manic Hispanic - Gabby and the boys hit it hard, hit it often, and hit in on the head of the nail. Punk rock cholo style was well received by all.

1am Club Deville Flametrick Subs I lasted 2 songs before I pooped out.

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March 18, 2004

SXSW Day 6 - Ms. Jen's Thurs. 3/18/04 Evening Dispatch

Vicky and Alex at Las Manitas Pedicab rider/driver Javier Escovedo Stubbs sign and the Walk sign Pretty Girls Make Graves and Headaches

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Keynote: Little Richard blogged it.
Lunch at Las Manitas with Wanda, Vicky Pepper, and Alex.
Alt-Weekly panel blogged it.
Trade Show.
Peer meeting: Buyers / Agents with Alex and Andy Roe. Good.
Late afternoon: hang out at hotel.
Dinner at Stubbs with Alex.

Highlights of the evening showcases:

8pm Javier Escovedo at the Hard Rock Caf - Very good straight up melodic rocknroll. See You Around was a stand out song with good guitar and great harmonies. A very little person, around 2, ran up and pumped her fist during the last part of the show.

9pm BR5-49 is back in fighting strength after a couple rocky years. I ran into Jay McDowell, the band's former bassist who now is a filmmaker and videographer, in line outside of Antone's. Jay was very excited about his short film that won an award at SXSW Film 2004 and his upcoming baby.

Long hair is back in the best possible way all over Austin and on BR5-49s drummer. To quote Alex H (although he says this about women) hot! hot! hot!

Music? Oh, yeah. Good. BR5-49 is in the best live shape that I have seen them since Dec. 2000 (Las Vegas), and certainly the best since Gary and Jay left the band. I have seen the band with the two new fellows about a year ago or so and was unimpressed. But the new fellows have grown into the band and it worked.

The ladies toilet stall at Antones stated on the right, Randall gives good head and on the left in a heart, Randall Rocks. I thought it would have been more appropriate to say Randall Sucks.

10pm - Alex insisted that we take a pedicab (a bike with a wheeled seat attached on the back) back across town to 710 Red River to see Supagroup. We ran into Eric Melvin and Matt Sciba in line and all went in together. Supagroup was excellent, quite possibly the best rock band of the week good songs, hard, and oozing rock star attitude. The singer-guitarist, Chris Lee, is the 2nd hottest man of SXSW, coming in behind Shaw Wilson of BR5-49.

Ok, enough wingeing on about cute guys, tell us about the music. This was my second time seeing Supagroup and each time they get better and better. Imagine if AC/DC was a band of 25 year olds from New Orleans right now in 2004 with all the influences of our era but their aesthetic. Such is Supagroup. RocknRoll served straight up, with a side of the blues and a good dose of proto-punk ala Detroit.

11pm Back across town on another pedicab to La Zona Rosa for Pretty Girls Make Graves. PGMG are a fascinating combination of emo meets 80s girl goth meets punk-core, they are a hard and driving but emotive band with an occasional lilting, soft side. Live the band is very compelling, as Andrea Zollo's vocals which weave in and out of the songs hitting tones and aural scapes usually not heard in emo or hardcore.

Unfortunately, the lights were flashing from behind the band and this triggered a particularly nasty migraine headache by the end of the show. It was all I could do to get back to the hotel, take large quantities of Advil, and put my sleep mask on to shield out the evils of light.

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March 19th Film Releases

What's this? Only one bad movie? I think it's a record for quality in cinema. Enjoy it while it lasts and stop seeing that Jesus movie. Give mere mortals a chance.

1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2) Taking Lives
3) Intermission

What's the next best thing to a new Cohen brothers movie? A movie written by Charlie Kaufman. That beautifully warped brain that gave us Being John Malkovich and Adaptation has blessed with Eternal Sunshine. Oh happy days!

Dawn of the Dead
"When there's no room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." What happened to heaven? Can't God loosen up a little of the qualifications for entrance? Mr. He-who-hasn't-sinned. Maybe then I wouldn't have to avoid this poor excuse for entertainment.

Taking Lives
The mystery villain in this movie kills people in order to assume their identity. Apparently he was never let in on the fact that all you need these days is a computer and a credit card number. Let's hear it for technological advancements and no messy dead bodies to dispose of!

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
After a rocky romance with Kate Winslet, Jim Carey decides to have all his memories of the relationship surgically erased. Charlie Kaufman must have borrowed some inspiration from Paycheck and made vast improvements because I am hearing nothing but good things about this movie.

Irish ruffians (not to be confused with soccer hooligans, these guys take part in crime for profit instead of athletic celebration) take the starring role in this comedy about mishaps in love and thievery.
My advice - take a pee break during Colin Farrells rendition of "I Fought the Law."

Bon Voyage
Believe it or not, I actually saw this one. It's a good time. Not great, just good.
A 1930's movie star sets her lover up for murder just before the Nazi invasion. Eventually the manipulated lover must choose between the glamorous vixen, a passionate young student, and the future of France. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Java Lanes Preservation Petition


Photo by Adriene Biondo of the Los Angeles Conservancy Modernism Committee

Save Java Lanes Petition

For further information, please see the Barflies.net Feb 12 posting "Goodbye Java Lanes?", check in on the Lotta Living board under the topic "JAVA LANES in Long Beach - Is it too late?", or Adriene Biondo's article at recentpast.org

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SXSW 2004 - Day 6 - Ms. Jen's Thurs. 3/18/04 Afternoon Dispatch

Las Manitas, Austin, TX

Great Quote from the afternoon Alt Weeklys and Other Uses for Wood Pulp panel:

"I am a writer, not in the music industry." - Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Peter wants his columns to first be entertaining and illuminating. He does not feel he is a "member" of the music industry, he feels that the story and good writing is more important than to be a scenester or to have the industry like him.

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SXSW 2004 - Quote of the Day

"The grass may be greener on the other side, but it is just as hard to cut." - Little Richard

Wanda, Vicky Pepper, Alex and I are currently in the Little Richard opening keynote conversation at SXSW Music 2004.

Little Richard is 70 this year, while he has all the fire he ever did, but it is now tempered with rhyming wisdom.

"I was a country boy from the thickets. It was thick. "
"I've been around a long time, long enough to become a legend."
"People say, 'You can't bring God in.' But I do. I give God the glory. I don't care what religion you are, you got to have God."
"I am going to tell you, get your music together."
"Take time to sign your own checks, or you won't have nothing left to sign. I wish someone had told me that, when I woke up I had nothing left to sign."
"Rhythm and Blues had a baby called Rock'n'Roll."
"When I came up they did not play any black records on pop radio. I was the first played."
"That is exactly how it goes, so do it good, if you can't do it good, then don't do it at all."
"Music is the thing that will bring all of us together."

Dave Marsh, "Good Golly Miss Molly: Did having a ball mean what it means today?"
After much banter, Little Richard replied, "Having a ball now means sex, back then it meant a dancing, having a party."

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March 17, 2004

SXSW 04 - Wednesday, March 17


The evening started with a delightful dinner at Gueros, one of my favorite Austin restaurants. I swear that I could eat Mexican food every day of my life, or at least for five days straight in Austin. We raced out of Gueros to make it to The Portrait of Billy Joe, a short documentary on the life of singer/songwriter Billy Joe Shaver, the musician Willie Nelson calls maybe the best songwriter today. Told through concert footage, family photos and personal testimonial, the film touches on Billy Joes life, loves, and loss (he recently lost his wife, son, and mother), and his personal triumph through the music he loves.

Vicki convinced me we should see Jessi Alexander next, so we headed to the Fox & Hound.

Alexander is a young country singer/songwriter who has a new album coming out. She has a beautiful, soulful voice, and engaging demeanor and sounds little like Lucinda Williams or Mary Gaulthier. At one point, she brought Australian singer/songwriter Jedd Hughes (RIYL: Ryan Adams or Tim Carroll) up on stage to cover a duet of Buddy and Julie Millers Keep Your Distance, which is a beautiful song. At another point, she began to sing This World is Crazy, a song written after the Columbine shootings, but became overwhelmed with emotion. Visibly choked up, she stopped, restarted, then perservered. Its not you see music this genuine.

We dashed off to the Austin Music Hall to catch Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez next, but managed to see the end of Class of 78, a punk supergroup made up of people even I am too old to remember. One of them was in the Big Boys, so they did Red Green, but I like the Throw Rag version better. We were then subjected to the Austin Music Awards, with most of the awards being given out by folks from 101X, a radio station I will NEVER listen too based solely on the shitty radio personalities they seem to employ. I believe the Austin Music Awards are the equivalent of the Orange County Music Awards, i.e., they mean almost nothing except to the people involved. Bands who were cleaning up in awards included the Greencards, Los Lonely Boys, and Wide Awake. I would have liked to hear these bands, but they werent playing, and I couldnt take one more minute of the damn awards!

Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez played, but their set was painfully short. Highlights included Red Volkaert on guitar, Earl Poole Ball on piano, and Kevin Smith on bass. They performed hits from their recent release, The Trouble with Humans, as well as a countrified version of Taylors classic hit, Wild Thing.

Even though Jen beseeched us to stay for Los Lonely Boys, I couldnt take one more minute of the bad awards show, so we toddled off to barhop on 6th Street and wound up at Buffalo Billiards for Lucero. This Memphis-based band has been compared to The Replacements, Whiskeytown, and Uncle Tupelo, but they remind me more of a cross of Son Volt and the Drive By Truckers (who of course all borrow from the previous bands). The problem is that most of their songs sound the same to me wistful and witty guitar-heavy alt. country the good thing is that its a really good song, so I guess its okay if theres only one. To close the night, lead singer Ben Nichols performed a solo song with only guitar accompaniment. What a great way to end the night.

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SXSW 2004 - Day 5

Ben Rew at the Dead Teenager showcase Guerros Tacos, Austin Wanda holds her wee beer Alex and the gorilla at Jackalope, Austin

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

My photos and commentary on SXSW 2004 Days 1 -4 can be found over at Black Phoebe : Ms. Jen.

Starting today (Day 5) through Saturday (Day 8), I will post photos and commentary from the Music portion of the conference here at Barflies.net.


Wed. March 17, 2004

Today I took the Armadillo free trolley to Whole Foods for provisions. Then back up to the hotel to do client work and catch up. Julie Wanda arrive around 3:30pm and Alex at 5:15 pm or so.

After badges were procured, we went to Guerros for tacos and margaritas. Alex and I walked down Congress Ave to have a look see at the famed Continental, a stop at Amys for Mexican Vanilla ice cream with crushed strawberries before heading back downtown.

First stop of the evening was the Dead Teenager Records showcase at the Red Eyed Fly. We were a bit late and I only caught the last song of The [Angry] Amputees, who were very good punk bordering on hard rock. The Amputees are what the Distillers would be if Brody could sing a wee bit better.

Second up was LAs Dengue Fever at Emos Annex. I have heard a lot of buzz about Dengue Fever, an electro-jazzy rock outfit with an amazing Cambodian singer. The band is a quirky, good, fun romp between Southeast Asia and America.

Back to the Red Eyed Fly for the Players Club, a metal band from New York. The band delivers, nay, pounds lo-fi-low-bass-end metal-core that pulses through ones body. Not to shabby.

As Alex and I continued on the ADD Music Tour by popping over to Stubbs for The (International) Noise Conspiracy. T(I)NC were in full fiery, political mod form, but have sadly replaced the rockin girl guitarist with some unremarkable fellow.

During the break between T(I)NC and Joan Jett, we ran down to Emos Jr. for the first few songs of The Bronxs set. Mostly Alex wanted to give the Bronxs singer Matt a rash of shit by rough housing him everytime Matt jumped into the pit.

12:30am found us back at Stubbs for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Let no one tell you that rocknroll is only for folks under 30, cause if they do, take em to a Joan Jett show. At 44, Ms. Jett and her Blackhearts can kick any rocker or hiphoppers butt from here to three tomorrows from now.

Whether Ms. Jett played old favorites like Bad Reputation, Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!), and the Runaways Cherry Bomb, or the new songs that she debuted at this evening, the crowd was transported into rock heaven and sang along with gusto. Music so catchy that I found myself singing Oh Yeah at my 5am bathroom break.

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March 14, 2004

SXSW Day 1 - Frog Party


The Boom Chica Boom Go Go Dancers at the SXSW Interactive opening party at Frog Design last night.

On Tuesday night, March 16th, Guerilla Monster films is having a South by Burlesque party featuring Velvet Hammer troupe at Elysium, 705 Red River, Austin - 7pm.

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March 13, 2004

Boys Gone Wild - Austin Style - Preview!


Mike A. from Las Vegas. Las Vegas, New Mexico that is. One hour north of Santa Fe, one hour south of Colorado. A student of Mass Communication/New Media at the New Mexico Highlands University. At SXSW for the Interactive portion.

Mike was at the SXSW Interactive Opening Party at Frog when I asked him if ....

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Floyd's Not Dead


According to this CD cover that I found on the sidewalk while walking down 4th St. in Austin this morning, Floyd's not dead. I am very relieved to hear this, as I just saw Floyd at Bowling and am looking forward to seeing him this upcoming week at SXSW Music showcases.

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March 12, 2004

Barflies.net at SXSW 2004

Starting next Wed., March 17th, Miss Wanda and myself will be blogging the news, events, and fun stuff of the Music Portion of SXSW 2004. In the meantime, I will be giving daily updates of the Interactive portion of SXSW 2004 over at my BlackPhoebe blog.

Due to overwhelming requests by men folk in the last two weeks who asked me if I would...Yes, I will be doing a "Boys Gone Wild SXSW-Style!." So, if you are a male, will be at SXSW, come find me and my camera... ;op

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March 11, 2004

SXSW 2004 - Bring It On!


The fun is about to begin!

Interactive - March 12-16
Film - March 12-20
Music - March 17-21

Austin Convention Center
Austin, Texas

Best wishes to all of the Barflies.net folks who are attending! :-D

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March 12th Film Releases

This week is a tough one. We finally have some good movies being released and I wasn't sure how to rank the top three. I guess it depends on what you're in the mood for. So in my best Moviefone voice, I give you my picks:

For a supernatural thriller, press:
1) Secret Window
For an action thriller, press:
2) Spartan
For a dark romantic comedy, press:
3) Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself

The drought is over! The Oscars have been awarded, everyone has been thanked ad nauseum, and I can go back to seeing good movies. Life is once again as it should be. Which is a good thing considering that all the good local bands are in Austin, TX for SXSW.

Secret Window
Johnny Depp can call me a whore and I'd still do him for free. Which is why I would happily pay ten dollars to see him play a recently divorced writer who is being haunted by a ghost who is convinced that poor Johnny stole his story.

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
Wake me when Frankie Muniz grows up and starts doing real movies.

The President's daughter has been kidnapped and it's the crack team of Val Kilmer, William H. Macy, and Al Bundy to the rescue. With Mammet at the helm of this picture, you know you're in for a bumpy ride. I wonder how many double crosses will be in this story. One? Two? Twelve?

NASCAR 3D: The IMAX Experience
Apparently IMAX is having trouble attracting the trailer trash element to their theaters, so they made this two-hour piece of dung. What's next? A behind the scenes look at meth labs?

Broken Wings
Israel is known for being a hot bed of a lot of things, but movies isn't one of them. As Spike from Boston eloquently put it, "Land of milk and honey my ass."
Your $10 is better spent elsewhere.

Wilbur Wants To Kill Himself
As the title suggests, Wilbur is suicidal, but he keeps managing to foil his own plans for death. This doesn't discourage him from trying though, until he falls in love with his brother's fianc.
Who said love was perfect? Worth my $10, yes. Perfect, no.

How to Draw a Bunny
This is a documentary about modern artist Ray Johnson as told by his peers in the art world. I'm sure Ray himself would have been happy to contribute to the dialogue, but he's dead.

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March 4, 2004

March 5th Film Releases

Three. That's all we get. Three. At least it's a good three. I would be having a fit if it was a bad three.
It's not a great weekend for movies, but it could have been a whole lot worse.

1) The Reckoning
2) Starsky and Hutch
3) Hidalgo

Starsky and Hutch
One of the original ambiguously gay duos has been remade, remastered, and recast using the next generation of possibly not hetero couples - Stiller and Wilson.
Bottom line - it looks funny. Go have a good time. Best of all, Snoop Dog plays Huggy Bear.

Vigo goes from being king of Middle Earth to being a washed up cowboy who won a lot of endurance races. I don't think I would classify that as a promotion.
Think of it this way - it's like Seabiscuit in the Sahara Desert and much, much longer.
I love horses. Seabiscuit made me cry and I'm not afraid to admit it. But I am not going to see this movie over the weekend. The other options are just too good.

The Reckoning
You're not going to believe it, but I actually saw this movie. It closed the Santa Barbara International Film Festival last month. So I can say with confidence that this is a good movie and a solid $10 candidate.
A priest on the run joins up with a troup of traveling actors during the Middle Ages. At their next gig they go experimental and do a play that isn't from the bible and inadvertently sove a local murder mystery.

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March 3, 2004



The Barflies.net and Alex's Bar bowling teams met up last night to thank Ms. Jen for all of the hard work and dedication she selflessly puts into organizing our lazy butts and getting us to Vegas each year. We are constantly amazed by her patience and generosity! As a token of our appreciation, with the help of Tink, Wanda, and the folks at Java Lanes, Jen finally got that one last pin that she never seems to be able to knock down ;-)

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