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July 30, 2003

Fuck the Gov't, Jack wants Health Insurance

Jack from TSOL - Warped Tour 2000, Anaheim, CA

Jack Grisham for Governor, Part II:

MTV now has a story on Jack's run for Governor-ship of Calif:
T.S.O.L. Frontman Running For Governor Of California

"I can't afford heath insurance, so I figure if I'm governor, at least they have a good health insurance plan," Grisham joked. The charming singer made light of his first interview as a politician, but insisted his campaign is entirely serious.
"For years I was always, 'F--- the government. F--- the government. F--- the government.' I was always bitching and not doing a thing about it," he explained. "And the other day I said, 'Now I am.' I just got tired of seeing people hurt, that was the biggest thing. I got three sisters who are teachers, two brothers who are police officers, a bunch of friends who are labor workers, dock workers. I work with undocumented alien immigrants all the time and I got tired seeing what they go through and no one caring. And they put this new budget out and the first thing they slash is health care and the first thing they start screwing is the people."

Once again: Go Jack Go!
I would like affordable health insurance, too. Thank you very much.

p.s. We especially like Jack because he is not afraid to wear a skirt with no underwear while performing on stage.

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McDonald's history tour
Saturday, August 16, 2003 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Meet at the world's oldest McDonald's
10207 Lakewood @ Florence, Downey
email or call 213-484-0877 for tickets
$40 per person.

Ticket price includes museum admissions, snacks, water, air-conditioned luxury motor coach transportation, all-day parking and lunch.

This just came down the wire from Otto at the Tiki News:

This spectacular event has just been announced by famed LA Modernist and protector of architectural history Mr. Chris Nichols. Hope you will join us on August 16 on this first-of-it's-kind tour.

McHistorians Chris Nichols and Ross Plesset present a bus tour exploring the legacy and hidden history of brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald, founders of McDonald's restaurants. We will travel historic Route 66....

...into the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire, visiting the birthplace of the fast food industry.

Through museums, site visits and the personal recollections of the people who were there, you will learn the true story of the world's largest restaurant chain. The McDonnald brothers moved to California in 1932 and started an eclectic collection of businesses before trying their hand at hamburgers and changing the way the world eats.

Sites will include the colonial home of the brothers, store #7 in Pomona, the moody industrial machine shop/museum where many fast food innovations were created and the 3rd McDonald's ever built, the landmark Downey store, opened 50 years ago this week. Invited guests include former carhop Mildred "Skeeter" Kobzeff, early franchisee Jack R. Widmeyer and neon man Ray Quiel. Rare films and still photos of these early days will be screened on the bus.

Yes, we know FAST FOOD NATION, we know McDonald's owns over 28,000 restaurants, is the nation's largest purchaser of beek, pork and potatoes, is the larget owner of retail property in the U.S. and that McGlobalization is a bad thing. We'll see Southern California before all that and learn about the orange groves, hot dog stands and homemeade shacks that paved the way for this Modern world.

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July 28, 2003

Hootenanny 2003

The Hootenanny 2003 coverage is now up, featuring reviews by Bridget, Wanda, and Kevin, as well as photos by Cindy Luann!

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July 27, 2003

Sublime Stitching


This is the cutest thing I've seen in a LOOOOONG time!
I have been stitching since I was about 7, but had given it up due to a dearth of time and cute patterns. No more! Check this stuff out at Sublime Stitching
Even beginners can do this!


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July 26, 2003

Feel down, play the ....

Life got you down? Need a quick pick up or a new addiction? Play the Helicopter Game.

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Governor Grisham???

According to two highly reliable sources Jack Grisham of TSOL filed the papers yesterday necessary to run for the Governor of California.

Go Jack Go! Take Gray Davis and Daniel Issa down!

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July 25, 2003

Tease-O-Rama 2003


Tease-O-Rama has made it to LA! Tickets just went on sale, so if you are planning on going, don't wait to buy 'em, 'cuz it's gonna sell out fast!

October 10-12, 2003
The Henry Fonda Theatre
Los Angeles
Tickets - $35/nite Fri & Sat
$100 VIP pass - all shows and daytime activities

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July 24, 2003

Throwrag show

It looks like Throwrag are taking a night off from thier tour with the good 'ol RevHo and are playing a show Sunday night at Thee Parkside 1600 17th Street at Wisconsin Street, San Francisco. Not only is this just cool it is also FREE according to Thee Parkside's website.

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July 23, 2003

Night of the Tiki


Key Club, West Hollywood
Saturday August 8, 2003
8:30pm - DonHo Show $29.50/$18after

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July 22, 2003

Time Suck

I don't know about you all, but every so often a friend will send me a link to a website that will suck me in for hours. This is very very very bad.

Yvonne G. and LuLu both sent me an invitations to join and I have been sucked down into the quicksand of internet time warp looking for friends, laughing at people's profiles, wondering how I am connected to so and so. Fun but scary.

Friendster is still in beta testing, so there are a few bugs and the servers are more than a bit overloaded.

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July 18, 2003

Hipster Bingo

From the nice folks over at comes Hipster Bingo. You print out serveral copies, take the bingo copies to the next show, and play it with your friends. But what do you win? A faux trucker cap? What do you use as bingo chips? Beer caps? hmmmm....

Thanks to Wanda for sending the link around.

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July 15, 2003

Blessing of the Cars


10th Annual Blessing of the Cars
Saturday, July 26th 9am-5pm $5
Hansen Dam Park, Pacoima CA

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Depends™ for Music

There is a new, interesting, and possibly effective (?) method of leak protection for advance CDs sent to press and promo folk, as seen on the front cover of a cd that I received from a major label two weeks ago:

PLEASE NOTE: This CD has been individually watermarked. This means that there is a serial number, traceable to an individual (you), embedded in the music. The watermark is not changed or destroyed by extracting clips of the music, or by using any compression technology such as mp3. This security measure allows us to trace any individual leaks, in the unlikely event that they occur, and protect the rights of the artist. The sound quality of the audio playback is not affected. The CD should not be copied, left with any third party or heard by any other party. Thanks in advance for your understanding... Enjoy!

The best part is the "Enjoy!" at the end. In this case, there is a bar code printed on the cd, with a serial number, and a name printed on it : Jennifer Hansen. Damn that Jennifer Hansen, she could get herself in trouble.

Lucky for me, Jenifer Hanen, I don't know how to nor have taught myself how to capture songs off of cds or compress them, and then burn them to a new cd or trade them online. I worry about learning stuff like HTML, XHTML, CSS, Perl, CGI, Photoshop, and how to be a better writer, web designer, and photographer.

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Big Sandy on Conan O'Brien Tonight!

Photo by Ms. Jen

The kings of western bop and the hillbilly swing, Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys, will be on Conan O'Brien's show tonight - June 15, 2003, celebrating the release of their new album, "It's Time!" Congratulations to Big Sandy and the Boys.

Thanks to Cindy L. for the heads up on this one.

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July 14, 2003

3-D Film Festival


September 12-21, 2003
Egyptian Theatre
Los Angeles

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Who Knew? Mother Earth was once a Hottie....

According to theorists, as reported by, Stonehenge is not an astronomical device for predicting solistices but a large 3-D earthworks rendering of female genitalia...

I do believe this is the work of under-sexed scientists. Someone please help these fellows out....


Stonehenge is a massive female fertility symbol, according to Canadian researchers who think they have finally solved the mystery of the ancient monument in southern England.
In the arrangement of the stones, the researchers say they have spotted the original design: female genitalia.

Thanks to Adam Curry (former MTV VJ now Blogger)for pointing this one out.

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July 12, 2003

World Mourns Siamese Twins, and so do I

Siamese Twins

Two days ago, Siamese twins conjoined at the head underwent surgery to be separated and died as a result of complications during the lengthy operation. The world mourned, as the twins were supposedly a symbol of inspiration and endurance. Well, I have a theory: Those twins didn't even like each other. In fact, they couldn't stand each other. And the bossy one forced the other one into an operation that she knew would probably kill her. In fact, they were both willing to die, rather than be together, which tells you something.

All of this reminds me that most people naturally separate from their parents and siblings at some point, and the lucky among us manage to do so while remaining friends with the folks we started life with. The rest of us die little deaths, doomed to spend the rest of our lives working out the issues that were never worked out at home.

I've been thinking what a great made-for-tv movie this is all gonna make - set not in Iran, of course, since we don't really like the Middle East right now, but set in America. And who better to star as the twins than America's twin sweethearts, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen? The only question is, will they tell the truth, or some whitewashed version?

Read the stories: Siamese Twins Die
Twins Want Separation
Twins Father Claims Girls Were Duped

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Know someone who knows someone who knows someone...

Brian knows Jack Shit

Wanda and Ms. Jen know someone who knows Jack Shit. Really they do.

Photos from last night's Speed Buggy, Black Monday, Irish Brothers show at the Doll Hut can be found here. Thanks to Brian (Shot to Hell) for wearing a shirt that was the cause of such note.

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Talking is My Life!

Text by Joe Sib, Photo by Ms. Jen

"Joe Sib - 3 cell phones, 1 blackberry - Bring it on! Talking is my life!"

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July 11, 2003

Bling Bling Goes Mainstream

The LA Times tells us that the phrase "bling bling" may soon be in the Oxford English Dictionary, the definitive tome (really a 20-volume set) that traces the evolution of the English language since 1150. While I'm all for the evolution of language and the inclusion of new words, and I found the article interesting in its search for the origin of the term (Tupac or B.G.?), I resent the quote from's online forum, in which one fan complained that the Oxford English Dictionary would be co-opting "bling-bling" as "... yet another black colloquialism is blanched and neutered to make the white establishment seem 'more relevant, smarter and cooler.' " Wow. I didn't know that certain words BELONGED to certain races. Does that mean that any minute now, the English might revoke, say, all prepositions, so that Americans don't co-opt them in an attempt to seem "cooler"? If that's the case, I'd like to buy a vowel, Vanna.

Check the story: LA Times online

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The Shocker

For all of you heading out to the warped tour between now and Tuesday. I insist you make a point of seeing The Shocker. The Shocker is the latest band fronted by the fabulous Ms. Jennifer Precious Finch formerly of Other Star People and L7. If you can't make it to the Warped Tour they have additional dates listed on thier site.

FR 7/11 Long Beach, CA - CSULB-WARPED TOUR
SA 7/12 San Francisco, CA - Pier 30/32--WARPED TOUR
SU 7/13 Sacramento, CA - Sleep Train Amphitheatre--WARPED TOUR
TU 7/15 :Phoenix, AZ - Peoria Sports Complex--WARPED TOUR

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July 10, 2003

Warped Tour - Beware of Counterfeit Tickets

Warped Tour's spokesperson, Kristine Ashton over at MSO, sent me this press release via email today:

Organizers of the VANS WARPED TOUR want fans to beware that counterfeit tickets have been sold in the parking lots of some Southern California shows. Counterfeit tickets will not be honored at the venues.
If fans haven't purchased tickets in advance for the shows, they should do so at the box office on the day of the event.

Buyer beware.

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Miracle of God or Miracle of Tom Whalley?

The Rancid boys are known for NEVER, EVER, EVER giving interviews. Even if you were God. Who knows why, one can speculate that it is punk rock integrity, or paranoia, or some internal band pack....

I have given various Epitaph/Hellcat pr folk a hard time over the years, a very mild one at that, about this to no avail. No interview, no love. But it did not matter, because Rancid was consistent in their no interviews. Not only did the little guy not get an interview, but neither did Spin or AP.

When Brody from the Distillers was on Hellcat Records, she also did not give interviews, but at the end of last fall she gave one to AP.... hmmm... what happened? The Distillers signed to Warner Bros. Records, that is what happened.

No small coincidence that Rancid's new CD, Indestructible, will be released jointly by Hellcat and by Warner Bros. in late August and I heard a Rancid interview on the radio today.

Yes, it is true. Rancid was interviewed on KROQ this evening. I got into my car around 7:30pm, and there was Tim and Lars and the rest of the band. Funny.

So, what did Tom Whalley do? Apply little silvers of metal up Tim's fretboard fingernails? Write into Rancid's contract that they had to do interviews? Inquiring minds want to know...

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