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March 20, 2004

SXSW Day 8 - Ms. Jen's Sat. 3/20/04 Dispatch

View from the Airplane
View of Mt San Jacinto from the Airplane

DAY 8!!! The Marathon is now in the 26th mile...........

I slept until noon, thank God. Packed my bags and then a large posse of us (Wanda, Vicky, Alex H., Norma, Heidi, Sabrina and the other Alex) went to lunch at Las Manitas. After lunch, we went to see the Flatstock concert poster exhibition at the Convention Center, both Alex and Wanda bought posters.

At 3:30pm Super Shuttle showed up to take me to the airport and off I went. At the airport, I had a nice chat with Tom Ward of Fat Wreck before our respective planes took off.

Lucky Laura picked me up at LAX and we went to dinner at Aki in Long Beach. I went to bed around 1am and woke up on Sunday at what I thought was noon, but I realized a bit later that I had not set my clocks back to Pacific Time. Oops Now I am exhausted and it is really midnight PST Sunday.

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