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September 28, 2006

The Last Kiss, or Can I Kiss Ze?

Don't Ever, EVer, EVEr, EVER try to watch a movie trailer on WiMax (802.16 wifi, really only 2x better than dial-up, do not believe the hype. aka... Irish Broadband sucks). Really. Believe me. After the damned thing times out 13 times, you lose the plot of the trailer. Yes, the 2.5 minute trailer. Plot gone.

Now you ask, why is Ms. Jen, the woman who never, ever, never watches movies watching a Movie Trailer????

It is all Ze's fault.

Ze is my new internet crush, next to JDD. Apparently, Ze and I have both attended SXSW Interactive during the lean times and I recognize his face, but I never met the man. Sometime during the midst of studying for my Master's degree exams a couple of months ago, I found a link to one of Ze's shows. Probably the fault of my morning reading on my mobile phone's browser of Metafilter on the Luas while commuting into Trinity.

If you don't watch Ze's daily vlog, then you suck. TV rots your brains out. Movies... bah! But your local professional art/political/opinionated hipster with a daily video show available only online? Now that rocks.

To support his bandwidth fees, Ze sometimes has a static advert at the end of his show. After watching yesterday's show today (sorry, I was busy all day yesterday with defending my Master's Project to internal & external examiners), I decided to click on the link to "The Last Kiss" that was at the end of Ze's show.

"The Last Kiss" - Zach Braff, aged 30, having his Middle-Aged-Guy-Crisis-Early. Now this is a funny premise. I had a good Young-Aged-Gal-Crisis-Early when I was 19 and am glad I got it over with. I wish Zach all the best of luck, esp. since both of his love interest hotties in the trailer were brunettes who belong to the itty-bitty-titty club. Any woman who makes it in Hollywood and does not get a boob job and hair frosting deserves an Oscar in my book.

With Lauren a bit out of commission as Barflies.net's film reviewer due to a long commute and a boyfriend, I guess that I, the woman who firmly believes that the only good use for a TV is for testing sledge hammers, should take up the mantle and review the trailers for movies that are advertised at the end of Ze's Show. I won't go the cinema to see them, I won't rent the DVD, I will watch the trailers online and report back to you all on whether you should brave the cinema or local Blockbuster on my behalf.

Posted by Ms. Jen at 7:30 AM