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February 15, 2006

I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night, And Latch Hook Every Day!


You know that I love Kiss. And you know that I love crafting. So it stands to figure that I would LOVE this amazing Kiss Latch Hook featured on Craftster and done by Monroeja.

The completed project is 27.5" x 25" and there are 12 colors of yarn used. And yes, he made this pattern and one-of-a-kind rug himself. AWESOME!

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February 14, 2006

Happy Heart


Every year for Valentine's Day, I try to give blood. Sometimes I am successful, sometimes I am less so (my iron levels tend to be low).

But my main goal is to ignore the media hype surrounding Valentine's Day (what my father calls a "Hallmark Holiday"); you know, the cheap ass jewelry, the mall advertisements, the pressure to go to dinner with a "special someone," the cheesy commercialized "romanticism" - and to do something genuinely nice for someone I don't know.

Giving blood is just one way to do that. You could make a card for a neighbor, drop off flowers at a Senior Citizens Center or Adult Day Care facility, or make someone's day at work by buying them coffee.

God forbid that you are single on Valentine's Day - it's a whole holiday geared up to make you feel crappy about not being "with" someone - but is that really what it is all about? The Red Cross needs blood. Valentine's Day is just one day out of many that you could save someone's life.


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February 10, 2006

California Screamin' Art and Hot Rod Show


This event is going to be awesome. Come to El Segundo and visit Gasoline It's a very cool store and gallery!

Bands have not been announced. Stay Tuned!

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February 10th Film Releases

Um. Hello? Hello? Anybody there? Anyone who didn't think seeing When a Stranger Calls was a good idea last weekend? Anyone with half a brain? I'm only asking for half? Anyone who is completely turned off by the releases this weekend and logging onto Netflix?

Hello? Doesn't anybody give a damn that there aren't ANY good movies to see this weekend?!!!!

1) Brokeback Mountain (for those of you not in fear of losing your heterosexuality, it was wonderful)
2) Walk the Line (I shouldn't have to explain this)
3) Underworld: Evolution (I'm still a sucker for chicks who kick ass)

Yes, I know they're not new. That's the point. I have to go cry now.

Okay Han Solo, we get it. You're still a virile heroic figure even though you are clearly hitting the edge of "Aged But Still Sexy" and beginning to cross over into "Just Plain Old" territory. You, your immense computer security building brain, and your powerful (expensive, and gas guzzling) Chrysler are completely capable of saving the day from those totally hot young bad guys.

Can we go home now? Can I take one of the evil youngsters with me?

Final Destination 3
I can't believe they're churning this out again. Here's the plot - a young good-looking teenager sees his/her own death in a vision, and "cheats" Death. This really pisses Death off. Death is apparently like my mother and would rather eat glass than get cheated.

But here's the thing that bothers me, the whole concept of cheating death is just a bunch of bunk. I mean it's impossible to cheat death. Either you die young and pretty and much too soon, or you die old and spent and in a slow painful kind of way, or it's somewhere in between, but either way, you die. He's either going to get you full price or on sale, but the bottom line is - he's going to get you. Just like my mother and that Calvin Kline blouse.

The Pink Panther
Who on Earth thought this was a good idea? You like Steve Martin? Go see Shop Girl. This is just embarrassing.

Curious George
The only way to see this movie is if your children force you at gunpoint. Voluntary viewings will be met with obvious brain shrinkage.

Neil Young: Heart of Gold
A documentary about Neil Young playing in Nashville. It makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

A young going nowhere drug dealer/junkie finds out that the love of his life is moving to LA. Time to straighten up and get your act together, right? Wrong. According to this genius it's time to score a massive quantity of cocaine and crash her going away party.

Let the idiocy begin!

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February 7, 2006

Kirk Rundstrom diagnosed with cancer; Split Lip Rayfield Tour Cancelled


Now this makes me profoundly sad. Barflies.net (and me) has followed Split Lip since they burst on the scene in 1998. And by followed, I mean, travelled to Austin, chased to San Francisco, and waited outside Spaceland in the cold. This band slept at my friend's house, ate meals with us; we exchanged cell phone numbers. This is one of those rare bands where you feel like a friend, and not just a fan. There are pics and reviews of them in various places on this site.

From their website:
"2/01/06 SPLIT LIP RAYFIELD to cancel current tour dates

We regretfully announce that our guitarist, partner, and friend Kirk Rundstrom has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

With the support of those closest to him, Kirk is seeking immediate and aggressive treatment for his illness. He is in good spirits and has a positive and willful attitude, suitable for the trials ahead.

We know and believe in our friend’s strength. With the added support of Kirk’s family, his many friends, and our amazing fans, he is destined to beat this illness."

For more information, or to make a donation, please go to their website.

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February 6, 2006

Oh Baby!


Okay, so I know these are supposed to be for children, but I want one. Bad. This adorable little "ugly bat" comes from a site called Bright October that carries the "Ugly Doll" line and some of the cutest toys I've ever seen.

According to the site, "Ice Bat, comes from an Ice Cave and loves hiding inside Ice Chests. Everything he touches turns to Ice...yet profoundly he warms your heart. Ice Bat thinks you are cool and he wants to chill with you. He wants to hang out with you...or just hang upside-down, if that's OK with you! Ice Bat is there for you when you feel like you may be losing your cool, or feeling like a fool."

You see, I'm about to be an aunt again, so I've been perusing a lot of children's sites, looking for unique toys, clothes, and gifts for newborns. And you know what? Newborns don't really care about handmade organic tiny sweaters, artisan hand-felted knitted toys, and customized embroidered onesies! I mean, they just cry, eat, and poop for like the first year or so. All the cute toys, clothes, and accessories are really to satisfy the whims of parents, grandparents, and aunts with too much time and money to spend, like me.

Which is why I think I should have this carrot pencil case for Easter:


Now, if only they made those hand-felted sweaters in my size...

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February 2, 2006

Cheapskatin' LA

All the time I head people from other places tell me how expensive LA is, and they're right. But you know what's even more expensive? Boredom.

You don't hear of any rational SoCal metropolitans spending their entire life savings on motor sports or breathing themselves into an early grave at a NASCAR event. Those crazy Midwesterners just don't have any good concerts to go to (The Blue Collar Comedy Tour doesn't count, attendance at such an event actually scores negative points).

But now there is hope. A blog dedicated to cool free things to do in the LA area!

Cheapskatin' LA

How about a free Yoga class every morning? Covered.

Ever wanted to try archery? How about FREE archery?! Even better!

You should get on a bike. How about a FREE bike ride exploring LA's sexually inspired architecture? (Who knew?)

Just when you thought your wallet was nothing but dust and your social life was down the drain, bloggers come to the rescue.

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February 3rd Film Releases

Okay, I admit I haven't done this in a while, and now I'll say I'm sorry. See, not so hard. Now it's your turn.

What do you mean you didn't do anything wrong? That's just rubbish. Oh well, I forgive you regardless and give you my top three.

1) Good Night and Good Luck
2) The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
3) Something New

There. I feel so much better now, don't you?

When a Stranger Calls
There's like this teenager who's babysitting in a strange house when she starts getting these totally creepy phone calls. Then she has to run for her life and stuff, but she can't really because the house is like SO isolated. I mean it would take like forever to get to the closest mall. Is that like scary or what?

Rated IM for Immature.

Something New
I only put this in my top three due to lack of options. A strong idealistic black woman falls for a white man and has to deal with her own feelings about interracial dating and those of her friends.

Go get your swirl on.

Good Night and Good Luck
I know this has been out for a while, but only in limited release to qualify for the 2006 Oscars. If you haven't seen it yet, go. It gives a historical perspective on the current climate of feverish patriotism and media self-censorship under outside pressures by telling the story of Edward R. Morrow’s defiance of Senator McCarthy during the height of the Cold War.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
If you don't love Tommy Lee Jones (in that favorite uncle kind of way) then there is something seriously wrong with you. This is his directorial debut and I can say from experience that it is very good. It's not a terribly exciting movie, but the characters are colorful without being unrealistic and Jones gives us sharp twist to the plot at the end.

If you don't see it in the theaters, then rent it on DVD.

A Good Woman
Um. I don't really know anything about this movie. By all accounts, the critics should be clamoring for this piece. It's set in the 1920's and it has a stellar cast, but the silence is deafening. This is a bad sign. Avoid this film at all costs.

Suits on the Loose
Two delinquents escape a rehabilitation camp by posing as Mormon missionaries and are taken in by a small, unassuming, Mormon town.

Once again, avoid this film at all costs. It's been produced and distributed by a Mormon company. It's pure propaganda. I don't need to tell you about the time John Travolta tried to do the same thing for Scientology, do I? No good can come from this. It's a historic fact.

What the Bleep!?: Down the Rabbit Hole
An artist and photographer uses interviews and animation to illustrate the connection between quantum physics, neurobiology, and human consciousness.

Okay. I freely admit and embrace my geekness, but I draw the line at a movie like this.

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