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SXSW 2004 : Best of Lists and Photo Essay

Photos By Ms. Jen and Wanda and Mr. Alex

Chris Lee of Supagroup Jim Jarmusch and Velvet Hammer Shaw Wilson of BR5-49

Photos by Ms. Jen

Ms. Jen's Top Three Hottest Men at SXSW 2004:

3) Jim Jarmusch - sighted at the Tuesday GuerillaMonster/Velvet Hammer party and I got a pic of him with the burlesque ladies
2) Chris Lee - singer and guitarist for New Orleans' Supagroup, if only AC/DC's Young brothers had been as good lookin' as the Lee brothers....
1) Shaw Wilson - drummer for BR5-49. While Mr. Wilson has been a long time fave of Ms. Jen's, the new hairdo is hot hot hot...

Honarble Mention goes to my roommate who is and was a handsome gentleman even if his hair was a wee too short in the back.

Split Lip Rayfield Flametrick Subs Split Lip Rayfield

Photos by Wanda

Julie Wanda's Top Five Bands for SXSW 2004

5. Throw Rag (I love this band!)
4. Meat Purveyors (2x!)
3. The Legendary Shack Shakers (hands down the sexiest, scariest band ever!)
2. Slim Cessna's Auto Club (I am converted!)
1. Split Lip Rayfield (Bar None: the most talented group of musicians ever!)

Honorable Mentions to Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez (who did not play long enough to make my Top Five) and Dexter Romwebber, who
was cut off by the sound man!

The Black Keys Craig from Throw Rag Flametrick Subs

Photos by Wanda

Darlin's Top Ten Bands of SXSW 2004:

10. The Legendary Shack Shakers (Saving it for marriage, boys!)
9. The Hacienda Brothers (with Dave Alvin & Rosie Flores)
8. Slim Cessna's Auto Club
7. Kelly Willis (if only I can look as good as she does a year after having twins....)
6. Adrienne Young
5. Old Crow Medicine Show
4. Reckless Kelly
3. Chip Taylor & Carrie Rodriguez
2. Patty Griffin (I cried when she sang "Top of the World")
1. Jack Ingram: my future husband

Honorable Mention to Mindy Smith, who I didn't exactly get to see, but watched the performance through the window of a VERY crowded Coyote Ugly Saloon.

Meat Purveyors Meat Purveyors Legendary Shack Shakers

Photos by Wanda


Ms. Jen's Top Five Bands:

1) Supagroup (RAWK 'n' ROLL!!!!)
2) Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
3) Throw Rag
4) BR5-49 (see above)
5) The (Angry) Amputees (what the Distillers would sound like if Brody could hold a tune... Before you flame me, go see the Amputees, they kick ASS!!!!)

Honorable Mentions to Javier Escovedo, The Spits, and Pretty Girls Make Graves (whose lights gave Ms. Jen a migraine).... unfortunately my free airplane ticket had me departing on Sat. at 5pm so I missed the Gearhead Records' showcase, if I had stayed I am sure that at least two of their bands would have made my list... (hmm... the "Demons" anyone? And they would have also made my Top Hottest men at SXSW list as well...).

Manic Hispanic The Unseen

Photos by Ms. Jen


Alex's Top Five Bands:

1. The Bronx - Hit me like a fucking sledgehammer
2. Supagroup - Rawked out with their cocks out
3. Jello Biafra - Way wittier than David Cross, kicked Cross' ass
4. Riverboat Gamblers - if you haven't heard of them, you betta ask somebody
5. Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Murder City Who?

Honable Mentions: see Ms. Hanen's list directly above... my liver it is enlarged and inflamed from SXSW

Flogging Molly Flogging Molly

Photos of Flogging Molly by Mr. Alex