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March 17, 2004

SXSW 2004 - Day 5

Ben Rew at the Dead Teenager showcase Guerros Tacos, Austin Wanda holds her wee beer Alex and the gorilla at Jackalope, Austin

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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Starting today (Day 5) through Saturday (Day 8), I will post photos and commentary from the Music portion of the conference here at Barflies.net.


Wed. March 17, 2004

Today I took the Armadillo free trolley to Whole Foods for provisions. Then back up to the hotel to do client work and catch up. Julie Wanda arrive around 3:30pm and Alex at 5:15 pm or so.

After badges were procured, we went to Guerros for tacos and margaritas. Alex and I walked down Congress Ave to have a look see at the famed Continental, a stop at Amys for Mexican Vanilla ice cream with crushed strawberries before heading back downtown.

First stop of the evening was the Dead Teenager Records showcase at the Red Eyed Fly. We were a bit late and I only caught the last song of The [Angry] Amputees, who were very good punk bordering on hard rock. The Amputees are what the Distillers would be if Brody could sing a wee bit better.

Second up was LAs Dengue Fever at Emos Annex. I have heard a lot of buzz about Dengue Fever, an electro-jazzy rock outfit with an amazing Cambodian singer. The band is a quirky, good, fun romp between Southeast Asia and America.

Back to the Red Eyed Fly for the Players Club, a metal band from New York. The band delivers, nay, pounds lo-fi-low-bass-end metal-core that pulses through ones body. Not to shabby.

As Alex and I continued on the ADD Music Tour by popping over to Stubbs for The (International) Noise Conspiracy. T(I)NC were in full fiery, political mod form, but have sadly replaced the rockin girl guitarist with some unremarkable fellow.

During the break between T(I)NC and Joan Jett, we ran down to Emos Jr. for the first few songs of The Bronxs set. Mostly Alex wanted to give the Bronxs singer Matt a rash of shit by rough housing him everytime Matt jumped into the pit.

12:30am found us back at Stubbs for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Let no one tell you that rocknroll is only for folks under 30, cause if they do, take em to a Joan Jett show. At 44, Ms. Jett and her Blackhearts can kick any rocker or hiphoppers butt from here to three tomorrows from now.

Whether Ms. Jett played old favorites like Bad Reputation, Do You Wanna Touch Me? (Oh Yeah!), and the Runaways Cherry Bomb, or the new songs that she debuted at this evening, the crowd was transported into rock heaven and sang along with gusto. Music so catchy that I found myself singing Oh Yeah at my 5am bathroom break.

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