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August 23, 2004

Music to Raise Your Spawn By

If you're like me, and all your friends are getting married and becoming pregnant (or vise versa), then you are sick and tired of getting minute by minute updates on Junior's bowel movements and being on the receiving end of quizzical looks when you politely explain that bringing up your own little Satan just doesn't interest you.


Next time one of my friends becomes an incubator and has the nerve to release the contents within upon the world; I'll know just what to give:
1) The "They Shake Me" baby t-shirt from T-ShirtHell.com
2) Some MP3s of Black Rattle (death metal versions of nursery rhymes as sung by Greg Behrendt)
So far I can only find Itsy Bitsy Spider and Where is Thumkin?, but I'm sure someone has a bootleg somewhere.

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August 19, 2004

August 20th Film Releases

Happy Birthday Tink and Barflies alum, Yvonne C.. In honor of your birthday, Hollywood has released a f@#*ed up coming age film, a couple seemingly worthwhile foreign films, a prequel to the Exorcist, and a whole lot of crap. Luckily, Sunset Junction is this weekend, so who needs a good movie when you have X?

1) Mean Creek
2) Nicotina
3) The Women of Rosenstrasse

Exorcist: The Beginning
Good cast (you can't go wrong with Stellan Skarsgaurd) but I've heard not so nice things about the script and cast. All in all this is the kind of pandering movie that I'd rather wait to see on someone else's stolen cable than pay my precious $10 to see it in the theater.

Without a Paddle
Just looking at the poster makes my skin crawl. I like Seth Green, but when is he going to start picking descent roles?

Mean Creek
Young revenge gone terribly wrong. You know how I feel about movies revolving around messed up people doing messed up things. All scripts should have that basic premise. They can call it "The Lauren."

Benji: Off the Leash!
If you take your kids to see this movie, they will grow up to be good for nothing whores who blame you for everything. You've been warned.

A crime caper entry from South of the border. This one features a computer hacker who botches a deal with Russian Mafioso over his sexy neighbor and lots and lots of cigarettes. Apparently tobacco causes more than just cancer.

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War
When Fahrenheit 9/11 turned out to have the explosive impact of a fart on the Bush administration, I'm beginning to fear that George W. is mysteriously untouchable and that this film won't do much better. Good luck anyway.

The Women of Rosenstrasse
A bunch a Polish women protest the captivity of their husbands under the Nazi regime regardless of the consequences to themselves. I'm a sucker for a good WWII story.

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August 18, 2004

Where it went...


... the Java Lanes sign can now be found in the back of a tiki store on 4th St. in Long Beach.

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Hermosa Beach is a internet free city

Happened to pick up a local news mag called the Easy Reader---http://easyreader.hermosawave.net/news2002/default.asp and the beach city of Hermosa Beach has announced that they have "decided to join only about three-dozen cities world wide" and offer free internet, WI-FI baby!
Unfortunately it does not mention in the article what other cities offer internet for free
But I thought it's pretty to cool to offer something like that to it's citizens.

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Happy 30th to Me

So as you may or may not know today is my official 30th birthday.
This blog is not to brag that's it my birthday but when I was up in S.F. with
Sandra and Jen last week, I picked up a issue of San Jose Mercury News, stating that on sunday's style section that there will be a feature article called "Anxiety at 30: Women feeling 'midlife crisis".
Here is the link:
Honestly I thought I had a mid twenties crisis at 25
Timing is everything, I guess!

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August 16, 2004

File Under : Very Frightening...

Rock 'n' Roll Holiday (via Boing Boing)

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August 11, 2004

Heeb Magazine

I may be a Jew, but I'm a Jew with a sense of humor and when I found Heeb Magazine online it was as though it was made for people just like me (who knew?). I'm just glad that there are other members of the tribe who know how to take a joke and enough of a market to make it profitable (it is made by Yids after all).


While reading issue 6, I found an artice about a rabbi who hired a hit man to off his wife. I already knew the story, because one of my best friends was a member of his flock in junior high school. I e-mailed him at work with the news. This was the conversation, word for word:
Me: "Your Rabbi made it to the Gulit Issue. See 'Frozen Chosen.'"
Gary: "Cherry Hill is famous!" (Cherry Hill, NJ is his home town where the incident took place)
Me: "For amoral rabbis who hire professional killers."
Gary: "No. For (as my Dad would say) people who know how to take care of their problems."

I almost peed my pants.

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August 4, 2004

Sow's Gone Wild...


Yet another year of the OC Fair has come and gone, but not without a visit to the baby piglets and their mama.

The piglets' mama wins for the best and biggest natural mammary glands (tits) of the Fair. Twelve - count them twelve - teats, all of them at least a plump, round D cup, casting jealousy in all of the Newport ladies in attendance who spent way too much on their silicone or saline mammary enhancements.

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