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February 25, 2005

The Rasta Rabbi

When Yaeger told me about a reggae singing/rapping Chasid who has been performing all over the country (but never on Shabbat), all I could think was "Poor Occulator, the broccoli margaritas must be causing horrible hallucinatory flashbacks." But I was wrong.
Not only was I wrong, but his name is Matisyahu and Carson 'I-have-no-business-being-famous-and-yes-Tara-is-a-whore' Daly called him one of the better acts touring today, he just signed to an indie label, and has been on numerous late night talk shows. I even have a link to a video clip.

Chabbad is taking over! Chabbad is taking over! Hide your leavened bread!

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February 17, 2005

Punk Rock Bowling

Tomorrow morning we leave for the 7th Annual Punk Rock Bowling Tournament for three and a half days.

I will be blogging it from my Nokia 7610 camera phone to the new Barflies.net Bowling Blog.

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February 14, 2005

Rock Promotion

Ok...So... There are thousands, if not millions, of musicians out there trying to "make it", whatever that means to them. In SoCal, bands used to do a lot of flyering and self-promotion, but in the last 5 or so years it has dropped off precipitously. I have not had a band member wait for me outside of a club at last call to hand me a flyer in years. The Goldenvoice street team, yes. A band, no.

Now, this kid, Bliss, in San Francisco is working it. SoCal, look, read, and learn. Good Luck, Bliss... Knock 'em dead, Kid.

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February 10, 2005

February 11th Film Releases

I am sick. I have one week left before my first PRB tournament and I can't stop my nose from dripping toxic ooze (I'm exaggerating the nature of the ooze for dramatic effect).
Fear not! I may be tired and infirmed, but I will not leave you without movie recommendations for the coming weekend. This, and this alone, is how I will earn myself a spot on the fast track to heaven. This is the Lord's work. Treating lepers in Calcutta is for wimps.

1) Inside Deep Throat
2) Uncle Nino
3) Ong-Bak

This is being stupidly marketed as the perfect date movie. Guys, do you really want to take your girlfriend to a movie featuring a genuinely nice leading character with loads of personality to match is exceptional empathy for women and natural charm? Girls, do you really want to buy into another stereotype driven movie where all the men are flawed and the women are perfect? All that does is propagate the myth of inequity between the sexes and that doesn't do anyone any good.
People, this is the equivalent hiring a contortionist for him/her to sleep with on Valentines Day. Just try to measure up after that.

Pooh's Hephalump Movie
Not suggested for people who have reached puberty and beyond.

Inside Deep Throat
Now this is the perfect date movie. It's not a porno; it's a documentary about a porno. A physical and intellectual stimulant all rolled into one! What could be better?
My biggest reason for wanting to go see it - a clip of a little old lady telling the news cameramen that she didn't like being told what she could and could not see. "If I want to go see a dirty picture, then by golly I'm going to see a dirty picture." Go grandma! Get your groove on!

If you thought Hong Kong martial arts pictures featured amazing human feats, try Thai martial arts pictures. Plot? Screw the plot. This is fast as lightning Thai style fighting!

Uncle Nino
Good luck finding this in your local theater. An Italian family is Chicago is turned upside down when a father's estranged uncle comes to visit. (I was at a loss for #2)

Bride and Prejudice
Just when you thought you've seen every variation on that Jane Austen novel, Bollywood takes a crack at it. What's that whirring sound? Oh, that's just Jane spinning in her grave.

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February 3, 2005

February 4th Film Releases

Sometimes I think this may be my favorite time of year. After Oscar season, but before the holiday blockbusters. This is when all the quirky independent films come out for their one shot at profitability. So go and give an oddly entertaining film a helping hand. It's not like you have anything better to see.

1) Rory O'Shea Was Here
2) Assisted Living
3) The Nomi Song

The Boogeyman
Brave little Camden has to confront his childhood demon before he can go to heaven. Ooooh, Xena's in it too. Those two monumental errors in casting alone make me want to stay away from any theater showing this movie.

The Wedding Date
Beautiful Jewish girl with so many neuroses she can't score a date to her sister's wedding (this is sounding oddly prophetic), so she hires a professional male escort and ends up falling for him.
A) Cliché. I saw how this movie ends when I saw Pretty Woman at the tender age of young. Hookers never look that good and who on earth would take a gigolo to meet their family?
B) If I wanted two hours of nuerotic self-loathing, I would go back on JDate or rent a Woody Allen flick. Both if I really felt like torturing myself.

Assisted Living
A stoned out loser who works at a nursing home and does nothing but good naturedly screw with the patients, get mistaken by one of the residents for her son.
Try and get find the trailer online; it looks funny as hell in the sweetest way possible.

Rory O'Shea Was Here
Cripple FIGHT!!! A snotty bastard with muscular dystrophy and his best friend, a guy with cerebral palsy, try to live fast and die, well, in fairly descent shape with the help of a young assistant, whom they hired because of her excellent "qualifications."

The Nomi Song
A documentary about New York 80's Club Kid icon, Klaus Nomi, who liked to dress like an alien and sing dance music.

Nobody Knows
A group of siblings, all having different fathers, are abandoned by their mother in Tokyo. The eldest does his best to keep the family together and alive despite the trying circumstances.
It's getting a lot of press and awards, and it almost made my top three, but the 80's is really hot right now and I was feeling slightly nostalgic. Otherwise, it's a toss up.

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