July 2007

Record Score of Last Week

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99 cents. What a bargain. "Who loves ya, baby?"

Spotted on the 101 North Near Sherman Oaks...

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...A bright yellow Chevy truck with a sticker reading, "Mike Stinson for President."

Gives me hope for the political system yet.

171 Starbucks

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Quite the quest: visit all 171 Starbucks on the island of Manhattan...

Photos by Julie
After the corn dogs and carnival rides, how do you conclude an evening of family fun at the County Fair? With Weird Al, of course.
Someone has to be Weird Al and it might as well be him. I could go on about the importance of satire in the whole scheme of things, but I'd rather not. What are the connections between gangsta rap and computer technology, Rage Against The Machine and frivolous lawsuits, or Bob Dylan and palindromes? There aren't any, but that's why it all makes perfect sense.
It also makes no sense that Weird Al has been doing his schtick for about 30 years and you still know who he is. The pop cultural references that he uses for fodder today will soon be met with tomorrow's blank stares. That's okay, we know that tomorrow's tabloid headlines will be even dumber than today's and Weird Al will still be necessary.
I'm sure he will soon be playing a county fair near you. If you're in the mood for livestock shows and deep-fried shoe on a stick, go check out Weird Al while you're at it.

Blackle is the tougher, punk rock version of Google. Heap Media claims the darker color saves energy and that they created it for environmental reasons. See. Barflies.net is helping save the planet.


In January 2007 a blog post titled Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year proposed the theory that a black version of the Google search engine would save a fair bit of energy due to the popularity of the search engine. Since then there has been skepticism about the significance of the energy savings that can be achieved and the cost in terms of readability of black web pages.

I think they just want to show off how punk rock they are. Plus, black goes with everything.

Robbie Fulks Coming to McCabe's

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I haven't seen Robbie Fulks in a very long time. And now I hear he has a double-cd out. I haven't heard it, but I have heard that Mr. Fulks is moody and unpredictable live. Am I starting rumors? I hope so. McCabe's is a wonderful place to see someone as talented as Robbie Fulks live.

Sat. July 28 @ McCabe’s
3101 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
www.yeproc.com -- www.robbiefulks.com

Big Sandy Summer Dates

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I can't think of a better band to listen to in the long, hot days of summer than Big Sandy. I can't think of a better band to go see on a first date. I can't think of a better band to take the whole family to see at the Fullerton Summer Concert Series! Big Sandy is like a big, cool, mint julep on a really hot summer's evening. Delicious!

Fri. July 20 @ Memories
12901 Philadelphia Ave.
Whittier, CA 90601

Sun. July 22 @ The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Wed. July 25 @ Fullerton Summer Concert Series
560 E. Silver Pine St.
Fullerton, CA 92835

Thurs. July 26 @ Culver City Summer Series
9770 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

The full moon was last Saturday, Cindy. NO. YES.


Last night, I realized how much I've had a tendency to isolate myself these past months. LOL. Yes, hanging with a few close friends and not venturing out much at all for any nightlife. Yeah, nightlife. Weeeeeee.

So, I ventured out last night to see one of my favorite performers, Mr. James Intveld, who was playing at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach. http://www.myspace.com/jamesintveld

My cousin who lives just blocks from there, and her boyfriend, went to a play and then met me for the show afterwards. Did I say show? Yes, it was a rare form of show. Very energetic, very talkative....just a lot of good fun. I can't quite explain in writing what I'm trying to convey here, but Polk Salad Annie knows. And, only those who were there know what I'm talking about for sure. We had a great time listening to Mr. Intveld sing tunes like Modern Don Juan, Crying Over You, Ring of Fire, Love Calls, and many more. He even told stories. YES.

It was fun to see Jayne, Tracy, Suzanne, Miguel, and to hang out with my cousin too. Funny thing, I hadn't been out to the Blue in a LONG time and yet seeing everyone it seemed to feel like it was just yesterday I'd been there. I guess that's why they say there's nothing like being around old friends.

I'm not sure what's come over me the past year, but I'm into spending more quiet time than I used to. I love to make my jewelry and paint and go to bed before the wee hours strike. There are a few people in my immediate life, but I like to snuggle with my warm fuzzy. LOL. People ask me what's going on...nothing, just life changes. I had surgery, then a flooding in my place, and have had to put energies elsewhere. I guess it's just very true that there are different seasons in life, but I never forget my loyalties and my true friends ever. And, I also know that I'm turning 50 in September. I think I'll go pick turnip greens in TN with my childhood friends!
After all, if it's good enough for Mr. Intveld, I suppose it's good enough for me too.

But, of course as with age, I also have my complaints as well. Parking last night outside the Blue Cafe was a mere $10! Grrrr. I remember the days of $5 parking and that was even too much. Now, Long Beach is starting to follow in the footsteps of Sunset Strip. I remember we used to pay $10 to park at the House of Blues, but we did it because it was the House of Blues. Now, they want $20 in that area, so I would rarely ever go to a gig on that side of town. Maybe, I have become cheap and want to save for retirement. LOL. Who knows. Well, I do know that people get upset with me for referring to age so much. I guess I'm not affected by talking about it or living it. I can tell you I'd rather be my age now in this generation than someone in their 20's! And, I'm not going to complain too much, because we did have a great time last night and I rarely do these things anymore, so it's a good thing!

Now, the drive home was something out of a bad David Lynch movie. There I was approaching the 405 freeway, and as I looked ahead of me I saw a sea of red lights all backed up like a parking lot. But, by that time I was already stuck. Stuck in a madness of young kids all driving home from their Saturday night partying. There were loud blasting radios....people yelling at each other....Chinese Fire Drills right on the freeway, no less. A girl was even jogging barefoot in a jogging outfit with her hair in a 80's like hairband. She went up the freeway one way, and then back towards us waving at the cars. Next thing I see is a car driving quickly to the side of the road and some guy stumbles out, pants hanging half off....he practically falls into the brush to get outta dodge and take that wiz. And, then I look up and see the license plate in front of me and it reads, DJ WANDA. No, could it be? My sane friend Wanda from Howdylicious is stuck in this same mess of insane people? It is...it was. It was a refuge in the storm. I called her cell, but no answer, so I left a message, I honked...I came short of stopping my car and getting out and running and pounding on her window. I would have scared her to death. LOL. She never budged...never looked back at me. Nothing. She was in denial. Denial that I could have been some crazed killer. Weeeeeee. Hi Wanda!

And then...suddenly as we all sat there, Cal Trans had the mess all cleaned up and then started opening the freeway lanes again. Off we all darted down the empty stretches of freeway zooming into the night. In all my years of driving back from LB late, I'd never experienced anything like this and I'm wondering if this whole night was just some kind of Omen to Cindy....telling her to stay home from hereon in. I will have to sit and ponder this one for a while. It's kind of like that movie, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly? Lord have mercy.

Last of all, but not least, I want to say that I prayed last night. Yes, I said a prayer, because earlier there had been a bad accident at Seal Beach Blvd. involving three cars and a motorcycle. I hope that none of these people were seriously injured and that there were no fatalities. Driving is serious business and we need to be responsible. Far too many people drink and drive. I had someone close to me killed by a drunk driver many years ago and I am ever aware of it. PEOPLE, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Now, I'm going to be off for a bike ride at the beach late this afternoon. I need some fresh air and exercise for a change of pace. I hope the two of you reading this have had a good weekend. I know mine was quite interesting!


I found Nemo!

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I know that many people HATED the submarine ride back in the day (claustrophobia, boredom, cheesy broken mermaids!) but my sweetheart and I were able to get on the newest reincarnation of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in less than 45 minutes on July 3rd and I am geeeeeeking out about it. We'd gone a week or two ago at 8am on a Sunday and were greeted with a 5.5-6hr line!
First, let me say that the storyline is choppy (Nemo's lost, look out for jellyfish!, found him, now he's at school, joy and fun, the end) and they added stuff that no one cared about (the volcano search?) but overall, it's super cute. The characters are also sadly animated and projected instead of being cheesy animatronic fish, which I think many who are used to Disney would argue is pretty awesome. My favorite elements: the anglerfish scene; the beautiful, undersea coral; the seagulls on a buoy who intermittently yell "Mine?" and flap their little wings; the captain who lets us know that new technology called "sonar hydrophones" (my new band name) lets us listen to the undersea creatures. The first few minutes are non-Nemo but once we hear about the technology, the fun begins! I'll spare you who have not yet enjoyed it with too much details here but suffice to say, I clapped like a 3-yr old most of the way through it.
Many people have asked if the ride is claustrophobic but I didn't feel that way though the Midwesterners who kept talking the whole 10+ minute ride didn't help me feel particularly comfy, but I digress!
You are loaded down a left or right spiral staircase and seated on a bench with twenty seats; you're back-to-back with the other twenty who fit on the other aisle. You get your own porthole, though if you are over 5'6" expect to crouch to see anything. You're then escorted off the sub with an instrumental rendition of "Beyond the Sea"...sigh.
All in all, it was magical and reminded me that Disney will never cease being a place where you can forget about work and school and cleaning the house, and whatever responsibilities you may have and just relax...that is, after you pay the steep Disney entrance toll ;)

Secret Gets Real with Fake Blogs

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I'm sort of addicted to this stuff. It's light, vanilla scent is just the thing on a hot day, or after a cool shower on a REALLY hot day, when fragrance is just too much. The spray has a nice feel, and it's not at all as "sparkly" as you might think (or even hope). The problem (if it is one), is that this is a product marketed for 7-year-olds! Or even younger.

According to Ad Age, “Girls have started using deodorant younger and younger,” said Dave Knox, assistant brand manager at P&G overseeing the body-spray launch. “If you don’t target the consumer in her formative years, you’re not going to be relevant through the rest of her life.”

This makes perfect sense, right? P&G figures that if you don't get 'em young, you won't get 'em at all. So, they've come up with Sparkle Body Spray, and an advertising strategy designed to capture youngsters where they live - online.

Supposedly, imc², an "interactive ad agency" (go ask Lauren what that is) has created a first for the Procter & Gamble brand - 'character' blogs wherein each "Sparkle Body Spray Girl" has her own posts on the website, written in a tone and language to match her unique personality. Rose is a romantic. Vanilla is a hip music lover. Tropical is a cheerleader. And Peach is into computers. (I'm Vanilla - go figure). Some folks (like those over at the Big Blog Company) are ecstatic. Others are less so, citing "fake blogs" and "fake people" as a sign of mass marketing manipulation that poor smelly 7-year-old girls won't be able to figure out.

In fact, the uproar was so loud that P&G has pulled the ad campaign. According the CBS News Marketplace, "Procter & Gamble has quashed its Secret Sparkle Body Spray ad campaign that targeted preteen girls with a deodorant body spray.

The move comes after the Children’s Advertising Review Unit complained that P&G was ignoring its guidelines for advertising to children. The CARU rules say that “products inappropriate for children should not be advertised to children. This is especially true for products labelled ‘Keep out of reach of children.’”

The offending deodorant spray line carried a ‘Keep out of reach of children’ label, but nonetheless P&G’s advertising for the product was directly aimed at preteen girls as young as seven."

Damn. Now you can't find the Sparkle Girl blogs, nor can you find them on the "immersive online advertising" on www.neopets.com, or at www.secret.com. And what totally fun stuff will Vanilla be doing this weekend? What about her iPod downloads? Now I'm worried that if I can't find the Sparkle Girls, I won't be able to find my Sparkle Body Spray. Maybe P&G will pull that too. And that will just stink.


You know I love Smith's Ranch Boys. They haven't played in FOREVER. And everytime the Lucky Stars play, it's in Ventura, or at the Autry. Clearly, my Lucky Stars aren't aligned. Cari Lee is from San Francisco, so I think it's been 5 years since I've seen her. Damn! I've got to get out of the house more often.

And now I've got a really good reason to! Thanks, Sam!

Why Don't You Have an iPhone Yet?

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Why don't you have an iPhone yet? No time to camp out, not available in your favorite color?

Peter Basch from LA2Day asks us to tell the truth, "We are too poor," but before you get despondent, consider his great pointers on how to reject the iPhone, including ways "to make the iPhone early adopter feel like a bit of a git."

Here then are a few positive answers that will leave you one-up:

"Tell you the truth, I'm kind of over it, now that it's available"

"Hope you’re keeping your old phone around, because you'll be sending your iPhone back for a new battery after your 1-year warranty has expired, but before your 2-year contract is up"

"Without GPS it's really kind of, you know, lame"

"I do a lot of calling from the car, and I need voice dialing or, at least, tactile feedback so I can keep my eyes on the road"

"It doesn't have a Bluetooth A2DP profile for listening to music with wireless headphones (note: this one is particularly effective, as nobody knows what it means)"

"Family plan costs $30 a month extra, not the $10 you expect - read the 5pt type in your AT&T contract"

"Thank god I don’t need to be writing emails all the time, and, if I did, a keyboarded phone, like a Blackberry, would be a lot better"

And then, of course, there's always my personal favorite - the truth - which is: Call me a Luddite but I really only want my phone to do one thing - call people!

Once upon a time, I had a flood in my townhome or glorified condo, as they call it.

The neighbors shower pipe burst and flooded me twice.

It was a mess. I digress.

The story is long and convoluted and my place was quite polluted.

It was also speculation along the way, that I might have a slab leak.

But, I didn't. :)

Slab leaks require digging through cement to get to pipes. A jackhammer to fix, costing thousands to fix.

Even worse, my neighbors had no homeowner's insurance and paid for their damages (new bathroom, essentially) and my damages in cold hard earned cash. A lesson learned for them, and somewhat of a Godsend for me, because I wasn't the one who caused the damage. And, trust me I didn't have near the damage the neighbors had.

Now, that I finally have my place back to normal with a small replacement of wallboard, paint, flooring and carpet replaced, I can breath again.

Note: The following is personal opinion, do your own research as well. I am not a lawyer or giving legal advice!

What I have learned:

Air mattresses are not that comfortable, but better than sleeping on the floor.

Mold and mildew are things you need to be highly aware of, because mold especially can make you quite sick, and mildew smells awful. Everything needs to be removed and big fans are needed to dry things. Luckily, I did this immediately, but still got a bit sick from the moisture.

Lifting heavy things is not a wise idea - use furniture sliders and go easy. Obviously, have someone help. Don't think you're Superman or Woman.

Checking for slab leaks is tricky business and requires a very small camera that will go through two inch pipes underground. Note: Get on knees and pray you don't have or develop slab leaks.

California Law does not mandate homeowner's insurance! Surprised? Yet another condition most are not aware of in CA. Loan companies may require it and Property Mgmt (for condos) may require it, but it is not a law in the State of CA. to have it. Loan companies do give loans all the time without the buyer obtaining homeowner's insurance. Some will tell you to either get it or go elsewhere for your loan. Loan companies will often allow condo/townhome buyers to go in under the guise of the complex blanket insurance, which covers very little. Many, like my neighbor, found that out too late. Last of all, but not least....anyone buying a place cash or those who have their mortgage paid off cannot be required to get homeowner's insurance.

Now, not having private homeowner's insurance is risky business. Your place could burn down and you have no money to rebuild. Also of issue, is not having ENOUGH homeowner's insurance coverage to rebuild in case of fire. You could essentially lose everything. Many have found this out too late and had to use retirement money to rebuild.

If you live in a condo, and you have private insurance based upon the difference of the complex blanket policy, you might think it's a good thing, but it very well is not. Most Property Mgmt. companies will not let you use any of their blanket insurance for things inside, even if the insurance rider says it has coverage. They usually will only cover outside structure. Beware of condo CC & R's stating "they cover nothing on the inside". It's tricky and not very nice business. I have to say that I find Property Mgmt. companies in it for something else, but they are not going to help the homeowner. What I've explained above is a situation that might have been individual to my complex, but could be shared with many other complexes as well. Know your blanket insurance policies and also what the CC & R's state. Even the board members in my complex did not know all the facts. Here, we now have heads that are spinning and a can or worms has been opened. The insurance policy and the CC & R's cancel each other out in the complex where I live. My insurance agent covers both the complex policy and my private policy and based my insurance on the difference of the complex policy. What does that mean? I did not and have not in all these years had enough coverage for fire. Major revamping is in order, and some people are looking quite stupefied.

All in all, if your neighbors have no insurance and they cause you damage, you have the choice of filing on your own policy (but don't do it unless you absolutely have to) (see info below). The neighbors might opt to pay for your damages, which is preferable, and hopefully the end result. If not, you either file a claim on your insurance, pay it out of your pocket, or sue them. Oh, and if you don't have homeowners and you caused the damage...well, umm...guess what?

Last of all, but not least - you really shouldn't file any homeowner's insurance claim unless you have mega damage as in thousands and thousands. If you do file, it will go out onto a report called CLUE. It is on record for at least five years and real estate agents and other insurance agents have privy to it. You run the risk of having your insurance "not renewed", if you file claims on your property, or if they decide to keep you, you'll likely pay high risk premiums, thereafter. In addition, anyone looking to sell a home could essentially ward off buyers if the potential buyer has the CLUE report pulled and they see claims for water damage, etc.

As a final note, I would never buy another condo in the State of CA. It's laws for homeowners are not in their best interest when common walls are shared. For single homeowners without insurance, your place could burn down and start the neighbor's house on fire and you are also affected in the same way. Most other states do require proof of Homeowner's Insurance - go figure that one. But, the bottom line is that we pay for insurances that we seem to be swayed from using when needed. We are at the mercy of the insurance company to keep us or not to keep us when and if we do have a problem. I love the fact that they collect our money every month, and can wreak havoc on your life when you need them.

What is that old saying of "damned if you do and damned if you don't?"

In closing, whatever I share here that might shed some knowledge and enlightenment for you, the reader.... then as Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"

Life as a homeowner can be challenging, sometimes rewarding and sometimes very stressful, but then isn't life that way in general?

Kaziah Hancock paints the fallen soldiers

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Recently, someone sent me a very touching video story. It's been in my mind ever since, and then you start to think about how good we have it here in America, and the sacrifices that are being made on the other side of the world. This one will really touch your heart.

WillieNelson2_732878_SON_5Z.jpg WillieNelson3_732878_SON_5Z.jpg WillieNelson_732878_SON_5Z.jpg

I've got good news, and bad news. Which do you want first?

The good news is that The Knitters are opening for Willie Nelson at the Pacific Amphitheatre. And your $35 - $45 ticket gets you in to the OC Fair for free. That's a lot of kettle korn and petting zoo, I know. There are also good tickets still left. I know, I checked.

The bad news? Oh, my boyfriend has a show that night and I can't go.

Go without me. And have a good time!


You know how you have these "musical guilty pleasures" that you don't want anyone to know about? Well, I'm admitting right now, two of mine are The Alarm and the Psychedelic Furs. I'm not even guilty about it, and judging from the response when I dj an 80s night, and the number of regular requests I get, neither is anyone else.

So I'm guessing the Rockin’ The Colonies show upcoming at the Pacific Amphitheatre is going to be sold out: The Alarm, The Psychadelic Furs and the Fixx (a band I truly do NOT enjoy, but I can be parking the car while they're on)!

The Alarm has a new album: Under Attack, which is group-founder Mike Peters’ first release with the Alarm since his recent battle against leukemia. Joining him on this album are ex-Gene Loves Jezebel guitarist James Stevenson, ex-The Cult and Mission UK bassist Craig Adams and Stiff Little Fingers drummer Steve Grantley. “Superchannel,” the album’s first single, went to #1 in the UK .

Coming up, The Alarm is set to release a series of EPs called Counter Attack.

Now, I've already seen the Psychedelic Furs many times and they are GREAT. Plus, your $25 ticket price to the Pacific Amphitheatere (before Ticketmaster rape charges, of course) gets you in to the OC Fair FREE. Cowabunga!

“Rockin’ The Colonies” 2007
Tues. July 17 @ Pacific Amphitheatre
100 Fair Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Now, I'm not even sure that I think the Americana Music Association is an organization worth getting an award from, but as there's nothing else in alt country, I've gotta give props to local boys The Hacienda Brothers, who have just been nominated for an AMA award for Best Duo or Group of the Year. This will be the Brothers third trip to Nashville for the awards, but may be the lucky year that they snag the prize.

Dave Gonzalez, co-founder and lead guitarist for the group, adds, “When we first got to the AMAs, they told us, ‘You guys are too country for Americana’ . . . but there’s a whole lot of different kinds of bands that are associated with this kind of thing and I’d like to thank the Association for bringing all of us misfits together — we’re honored to be included in this nomination.” Recognized alongside the Hacienda Brothers are the Avett Brothers, the Duhks, Old Crow Medicine Show and Son Volt.

AMA winners will be announced on November 1st at the historic Ryman Auditorium during the 6th Annual Americana Music Association’s Honors and Awards Show.

Tickets to the showcases will be available to the general public and go on sale closer to the event. For further information visit: http://www.americanamusic.org

A YouTube Guide To The Hacienda Brothers:

Proper American: The Hacienda Brothers & Dan Penn: What’s Wrong With Right – AMA Conference 2006

The Hacienda Brothers: SXSW 2007: Midnight Dream

The Hacienda Brothers: SXSW 2007: Leavin on My Mind

on MySpace:

Official Artist and Label Sites:


Slim Cessna's Auto Club will be playing Sunday, July 8 at Safari Sam's opening for Wayne Hancock. Now, I like Wayne, but I feel sorry for the man. Chances are, some swing dorks are gonna show up, cuz it's LA, and it seems to be full of those kinds of people, and if they can't get saved by Slim and Munly, then they might get the balboa kicked out of them.

It's gonna be a good time. I may have to call in sick Monday.


Sunday, July 8
6:00pm BBQ Show
(...with Wayne Hancock...)
Safari Sam's
5214 W. Sunset Blvd.
Hollywood, California