Why Don't You Have an iPhone Yet?

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Why don't you have an iPhone yet? No time to camp out, not available in your favorite color?

Peter Basch from LA2Day asks us to tell the truth, "We are too poor," but before you get despondent, consider his great pointers on how to reject the iPhone, including ways "to make the iPhone early adopter feel like a bit of a git."

Here then are a few positive answers that will leave you one-up:

"Tell you the truth, I'm kind of over it, now that it's available"

"Hope you’re keeping your old phone around, because you'll be sending your iPhone back for a new battery after your 1-year warranty has expired, but before your 2-year contract is up"

"Without GPS it's really kind of, you know, lame"

"I do a lot of calling from the car, and I need voice dialing or, at least, tactile feedback so I can keep my eyes on the road"

"It doesn't have a Bluetooth A2DP profile for listening to music with wireless headphones (note: this one is particularly effective, as nobody knows what it means)"

"Family plan costs $30 a month extra, not the $10 you expect - read the 5pt type in your AT&T contract"

"Thank god I don’t need to be writing emails all the time, and, if I did, a keyboarded phone, like a Blackberry, would be a lot better"

And then, of course, there's always my personal favorite - the truth - which is: Call me a Luddite but I really only want my phone to do one thing - call people!

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My fave: "Without GPS it's really kind of, you know, lame"

Really it is. My new Nokia N95 has satellite GPS and a 5 megapixel camera.

The other night I was at dinner with some web designer friends. One of them pulled out his iPhone and looked up a map of a place we were talking about to show me the mapping abilities of the iPhone. Being the butt I am, I pulled out the N95 and showed where we were in the GPS.

Only inside, I could only get one satellite. Need three to get the position and map.


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