Weird Al Yankovic at the Orange County Fair - July 19, 2007

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Photos by Julie
After the corn dogs and carnival rides, how do you conclude an evening of family fun at the County Fair? With Weird Al, of course.
Someone has to be Weird Al and it might as well be him. I could go on about the importance of satire in the whole scheme of things, but I'd rather not. What are the connections between gangsta rap and computer technology, Rage Against The Machine and frivolous lawsuits, or Bob Dylan and palindromes? There aren't any, but that's why it all makes perfect sense.
It also makes no sense that Weird Al has been doing his schtick for about 30 years and you still know who he is. The pop cultural references that he uses for fodder today will soon be met with tomorrow's blank stares. That's okay, we know that tomorrow's tabloid headlines will be even dumber than today's and Weird Al will still be necessary.
I'm sure he will soon be playing a county fair near you. If you're in the mood for livestock shows and deep-fried shoe on a stick, go check out Weird Al while you're at it.

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