Was last night a full moon? James Intveld & the 405 Freeway

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The full moon was last Saturday, Cindy. NO. YES.


Last night, I realized how much I've had a tendency to isolate myself these past months. LOL. Yes, hanging with a few close friends and not venturing out much at all for any nightlife. Yeah, nightlife. Weeeeeee.

So, I ventured out last night to see one of my favorite performers, Mr. James Intveld, who was playing at the Blue Cafe in Long Beach. http://www.myspace.com/jamesintveld

My cousin who lives just blocks from there, and her boyfriend, went to a play and then met me for the show afterwards. Did I say show? Yes, it was a rare form of show. Very energetic, very talkative....just a lot of good fun. I can't quite explain in writing what I'm trying to convey here, but Polk Salad Annie knows. And, only those who were there know what I'm talking about for sure. We had a great time listening to Mr. Intveld sing tunes like Modern Don Juan, Crying Over You, Ring of Fire, Love Calls, and many more. He even told stories. YES.

It was fun to see Jayne, Tracy, Suzanne, Miguel, and to hang out with my cousin too. Funny thing, I hadn't been out to the Blue in a LONG time and yet seeing everyone it seemed to feel like it was just yesterday I'd been there. I guess that's why they say there's nothing like being around old friends.

I'm not sure what's come over me the past year, but I'm into spending more quiet time than I used to. I love to make my jewelry and paint and go to bed before the wee hours strike. There are a few people in my immediate life, but I like to snuggle with my warm fuzzy. LOL. People ask me what's going on...nothing, just life changes. I had surgery, then a flooding in my place, and have had to put energies elsewhere. I guess it's just very true that there are different seasons in life, but I never forget my loyalties and my true friends ever. And, I also know that I'm turning 50 in September. I think I'll go pick turnip greens in TN with my childhood friends!
After all, if it's good enough for Mr. Intveld, I suppose it's good enough for me too.

But, of course as with age, I also have my complaints as well. Parking last night outside the Blue Cafe was a mere $10! Grrrr. I remember the days of $5 parking and that was even too much. Now, Long Beach is starting to follow in the footsteps of Sunset Strip. I remember we used to pay $10 to park at the House of Blues, but we did it because it was the House of Blues. Now, they want $20 in that area, so I would rarely ever go to a gig on that side of town. Maybe, I have become cheap and want to save for retirement. LOL. Who knows. Well, I do know that people get upset with me for referring to age so much. I guess I'm not affected by talking about it or living it. I can tell you I'd rather be my age now in this generation than someone in their 20's! And, I'm not going to complain too much, because we did have a great time last night and I rarely do these things anymore, so it's a good thing!

Now, the drive home was something out of a bad David Lynch movie. There I was approaching the 405 freeway, and as I looked ahead of me I saw a sea of red lights all backed up like a parking lot. But, by that time I was already stuck. Stuck in a madness of young kids all driving home from their Saturday night partying. There were loud blasting radios....people yelling at each other....Chinese Fire Drills right on the freeway, no less. A girl was even jogging barefoot in a jogging outfit with her hair in a 80's like hairband. She went up the freeway one way, and then back towards us waving at the cars. Next thing I see is a car driving quickly to the side of the road and some guy stumbles out, pants hanging half off....he practically falls into the brush to get outta dodge and take that wiz. And, then I look up and see the license plate in front of me and it reads, DJ WANDA. No, could it be? My sane friend Wanda from Howdylicious is stuck in this same mess of insane people? It is...it was. It was a refuge in the storm. I called her cell, but no answer, so I left a message, I honked...I came short of stopping my car and getting out and running and pounding on her window. I would have scared her to death. LOL. She never budged...never looked back at me. Nothing. She was in denial. Denial that I could have been some crazed killer. Weeeeeee. Hi Wanda!

And then...suddenly as we all sat there, Cal Trans had the mess all cleaned up and then started opening the freeway lanes again. Off we all darted down the empty stretches of freeway zooming into the night. In all my years of driving back from LB late, I'd never experienced anything like this and I'm wondering if this whole night was just some kind of Omen to Cindy....telling her to stay home from hereon in. I will have to sit and ponder this one for a while. It's kind of like that movie, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly? Lord have mercy.

Last of all, but not least, I want to say that I prayed last night. Yes, I said a prayer, because earlier there had been a bad accident at Seal Beach Blvd. involving three cars and a motorcycle. I hope that none of these people were seriously injured and that there were no fatalities. Driving is serious business and we need to be responsible. Far too many people drink and drive. I had someone close to me killed by a drunk driver many years ago and I am ever aware of it. PEOPLE, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Now, I'm going to be off for a bike ride at the beach late this afternoon. I need some fresh air and exercise for a change of pace. I hope the two of you reading this have had a good weekend. I know mine was quite interesting!


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Haha! Now you know it wasn't ME, it was your brother David, who had stolen my car for a night on the town, I mean, to go work at Alex's Bar. And I might not be old, but I was home counting chickens and doing crafts.

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