Dead and Deader in LA: American Zombie

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American Zombie on MySpace

And you just thought half this city "acted" braindead....

Is that... waffle you're wearing??

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Speaking of Pretty Darn Sweet, I have a feeling wearing Pancake Meow's adorable and scrumptiously scented (!) accessories might be more temptation than a chronic dieter like me can handle... but if you've got the willpower, check out their selection of tinier-than-life charms and pendants. Each item is a mere 3/4" inch to 1" in diameter and comes with your choice of fragrance. Drool......

pancakemeow_cupcake.jpg pancakemeow_waffle.jpg
pancakemeow_powdereddonut.jpg pancakemeow_icecream.jpg

Crocs DID get cute!


so I was randomly in a consignment shop the other day and what should I see, but a brand spankin' new pair of the Crocs Prima Ballet Flats in silver. hmmm....

on sale.
for half price.

Small and slim, it turns out they ARE equally as comfortable as their fugly clog-like predecessors: they're light as air and gel-cushioney, and they make my feet look very petite & cute. They go with almost anything and come in a pile of colors. I've only worn them twice so far, so this review may be a bit premature, but for right now I'd rate these Pretty Darn Sweet. LOL

Dating Pet Peeves

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(Because I'm killing time at work...heh heh)

Booty Calls - If I have not talked to you in 2 months, do not call me up at 2am drunk and horny, I will laugh my ass off at you.

Cajones (balls) - If you have had a crush on me forever but can't seem to make a move, get some fucking balls & do something about it, I am sick and tired of your friends telling me about it over & over again. Confidence is the greatest aphrodisiac.

Non-Committal - He/she asks to hang out with you, but then can't seem to find a time to agree on, says "we'll see" (most likely because he/she wants to keep their options open). Puh-lease, like I'll be waiting for that call.

The "Homer" - He/she does something wrong/bad/inconsiderate/whatever, then gets mad at you for getting mad at them.

Wasted Slobering - Will only work if I am also slobbering drunk. Pull yourself out of that drunken haze long enough to assess my sobriety first.

Cling-Wrap - I have a life of my own, you need one too. My sun does not rise and fall every time you take a shit.

I Was That Way When Ya Met Me - If you didn't like my _______ (fill in the blank here, some good examples are: hair, wardrobe, shape of my ass, taste in music, hobbies) then why the hell did you go out with me in the 1st place? Please don't ask me to change it now.

Clueless - If we used to date/have sex/talk a lot/whatever, and I keep turning you down for it now, then it's OVER... don't make me have to spell it out for you, it will be unpleasant for the both of us.

Bad Habits and/or Dirty Little Secrets - Don't bother lying about them, you will only get busted in the end. Better just to take your chances and fess up.

Insult Compliments - If it can in any way be misconstrued as an insult, keep that comment to yourself. Some of my personal faves: "Wow, you're actually pretty smart" or "You're really hot for a girl your size" .

Get With The Times (this mostly applies to girls) - Just because I had sex with you doesn't necessarily mean that I want to be your girlfriend, so don't freak out and assume that I'll want a "relationship". I may not call you the next day, or ever for that matter.

Broken Promises - Don't make promises if you think there's even the slightest possibility that you might break them or change your mind, or if you have a history of doing things like that in the past. Better to not promise anything at all, even if it's just something small or stupid.

Three (or More) Is A Crowd - If we are supposed to go on a date, and I show up to find that 3 or 4 of your friends are going to tag along for the ride, then it is no longer a date, but a group activity, which would have been fine if we had discussed it in the first place (because then I wouldn't have spent so much time getting done up).

I am Not Your Mommy/Daddy - somehow you managed to make your own food, pay your own rent, do your own laundry, schedule your own dentist appointments, wipe your own ass, etc. before you met me. Do not expect that I am going to do it for you now. If I wanted children, I'd go have some.

Pity Lay - Don't ask. I do not take pity on any of your gross friends.

Wanda in the OC Weekly!


Yee Haw! It's's fabulous Miss DJ Wanda featured in the Clubbed! section of this week's edition of the OC Weekly! Way to go, we are all very proud of you!!!!!

Read the article HERE

Java Lanes Preservation Petition

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The and Alex's Bar bowling teams met up last night to thank Ms. Jen for all of the hard work and dedication she selflessly puts into organizing our lazy butts and getting us to Vegas each year. We are constantly amazed by her patience and generosity! As a token of our appreciation, with the help of Tink, Wanda, and the folks at Java Lanes, Jen finally got that one last pin that she never seems to be able to knock down ;-)

Today's Keyword: Pre-Fab


A new magazine devoted to the pre-fabish homes of yesteryear.....



An online community dedicated to the pre-fab homes of today and tomorrow....



Competition for the best in pre-fab housing, sponsored by Dwell Magazine

Goodbye Java Lanes?

The Long Beach City Council approved a request today to build condos where the Java Lanes bowling alley now stands..... it is a sad day for bowlers and mid-century preservationists alike :-(

See the full article in the Gazette for more info

Pink Panther 40th Anniversary


Shag fans and all retroswankiphiles take note: the cat in pink is back to celebrate his 40th anniversary, more dashing and deliciously debonair than ever.



Well, if Miss Falling can be artsy fartsy, so can I :-P

Actually, I am not artistic in the least - the last "serious work of art" I did was in 1986 or so - a charcoal portrait of John Taylor of Duran Duran around the "Rio" period, heh heh; today I mostly get my jollies disecting others' works. However.... as I have nothing of note to contribute at this time, here's a recent photo:

GAlley Back2.jpg

"Living Dead"

Fashion Goes Electric

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Scheduled to hit the market before the end of the year, the No-Contact Jacket for Women is a joint effort of MIT industrial designer Adam Whiton and Yolita Nugent of Advanced Research Apparel. Delivering an 80,000 volt shock, the jacket is as fashionable as it is functional. The inital cost - around $1,000 - could cause some sticker shock, although mass-production would lower the cost significantly. I have carried a stun gun for several years and have often been irritated by it's bulkyness and un-ergonomic design (as a result of the larger charge - 250,000volts - it's about twice the size of most stun guns). Maybe I'll add this baby to my Christmas list this year... :-)