Team One Pin 2009

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1. Vicki P. If you were there at the bar by the waterfall Sunday night after the awards party. YOU WILL KNOW WHY. . .
2. Funny that we were a bit upset when we had to bowl the second day. We wanted to go shopping.
3. The Gazebo bar at the Paris. Love that bar.
4. Walking over to the Bellagio to watch the water show. Delight!
5. Not thrilled with the El Primero (what ever it was called) bar for the awards party. I still smell like smoke.
6. Lots of cute boys this year!
7. That we initially came in 17th place for the b league. NONE of us practiced this year. That's pretty good. We ended at 40 something place.
8. Bowling next to the Windy City Bowlers. Eight is great!

Speaking of Waiting...

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Speaking of waiting... Yes, the official photo essay will be coming to you this week once I decompress from the weekend and get a few work/client tasks out of the way. I took a couple of hundred photos over the last four days and am excited to share a reasonable portion thereof.

In the meantime, on the eve of our 10th anniversary (Jan 31, 2009) here at, I give you all the past Punk Rock Bowling photo essays:

2001 - compliments of the Internet Wayback Machine, as somehow I deleted this one off the server, but I have it on a hard drive. I promise to reinstate it.
2006 - I was in graduate school at TCD this year, but Brian kindly gave a Top Ten list.
2008 - Ok, not sure what glue I was high on last year at this time, but Mark DiSalvo was right to bust my chops this weekend about the lack of 2008 photo essay... I can't find it... Ooops. The link to is to my moblogged Flickr Photo Set.

So, ladies & gents, I owe y'all the 2008 and the 2009 Punk Rock Bowling Photo Essays...

Better late than never.

Punk Rock Bowling 2009 : The Pirate Wenches

Sat 01.17.09 - Julie, Shua, and Mary. The pirate wenches bowled a lane over from us and they looked great the whole time.

Punk Rock Bowling 2009 : At The Lanes

Sat. 01.17.09 - Shawn Stern and friend.

Punk Rock Bowling 2009 : Gordy

Punk Rock Bowling 2009 : Mary!

Do you bowling, take thee punk rock?

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So as I'm going through photos for my 08 music redux, I came upon the best pics ever.
It's a "had to be there" moment but it was the funniest and one of the best moments at Punk Rock Bowling 08. Basically, Brian proposed "marriage" to Wanda. Don't worry it was just pretend but very funny.



The Really and Truly Absolute BEST Thing About PRB...

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...that I can't believe Tink and the Occulator forgot was THE MAN CHANGING HIS PANTS IN FRONT OF THE OPEN HOTEL ROOM WINDOW.

What else needs to be said?

PRB '08 Top '10

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1. Even if as The Unknown Bowler (aka, TUB. What, no Crocket?), just pleased I got to bowl this year.
2. More pix of Justin, sans pants.
3. Dude-shopping w/ Justin. Or should I say, Pardner shopping, since it was for Western wear.
4. Being in the girls room as they tried on their new get-ups.
5. Joe Dana's reaction to my accordion shirt. I thought PRB stood for Polka Rock Bowling.
6. I didn't distinctly hear a "no" from Julie Wanda. I think we're engaged.
7. Though it wasn't PRB-related, seeing my long lost crush from 17 years ago who now lives in Vegas and has a family w/ 2 kids. Being thankful for not having any kids that I know about.
8. New cocktail: double espresso vodka + Coke. Think Coke Blak with booze.
9. Ruining the singer from American Steel's near-300 by foisting my bucket o' beer on him. Those guys were cool.
10. All that stuff that Vicky Pepper and I did in the room while Ms. Jen & Tink went to fetch something and came back half-expecting to catch Vicky Pepper and I in the act of doing something, but instead found us chatting all nonchalantly. Mmmmaybe.

Tink's Best of PRB 08

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My highlights were:
Laser show in the atrium. Proud to be an American!
Captain for Bad News Bowlers
Dancing at the Roxy Club at Sam's Town
Shoe shopping with the girls @ the Zappos outlet. Where ugly shoes go to die! (sorry girls).
Manic Hispanic
Finally getting to see the Adolescents play. (I know. I admit it. Not worthy!)
Wearing our cute vintage cowgirl outfits!
Seeing and spending time with good people (Al, Tammy, Wanda, Jen, Brian, Sandra, Justin and Vicki) and meeting new people (Ruth and her fam!)!