Tink's 09' Punk Rock Bowling TOP something . . .

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1. Vicki P. If you were there at the bar by the waterfall Sunday night after the awards party. YOU WILL KNOW WHY. . .
2. Funny that we were a bit upset when we had to bowl the second day. We wanted to go shopping.
3. The Gazebo bar at the Paris. Love that bar.
4. Walking over to the Bellagio to watch the water show. Delight!
5. Not thrilled with the El Primero (what ever it was called) bar for the awards party. I still smell like smoke.
6. Lots of cute boys this year!
7. That we initially came in 17th place for the b league. NONE of us practiced this year. That's pretty good. We ended at 40 something place.
8. Bowling next to the Windy City Bowlers. Eight is great!

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