Speaking of Waiting...

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Speaking of waiting... Yes, the official Barflies.net photo essay will be coming to you this week once I decompress from the weekend and get a few work/client tasks out of the way. I took a couple of hundred photos over the last four days and am excited to share a reasonable portion thereof.

In the meantime, on the eve of our 10th anniversary (Jan 31, 2009) here at Barflies.net, I give you all the past Barflies.net Punk Rock Bowling photo essays:

2001 - compliments of the Internet Wayback Machine, as somehow I deleted this one off the server, but I have it on a hard drive. I promise to reinstate it.
2006 - I was in graduate school at TCD this year, but Brian kindly gave a Top Ten list.
2008 - Ok, not sure what glue I was high on last year at this time, but Mark DiSalvo was right to bust my chops this weekend about the lack of 2008 photo essay... I can't find it... Ooops. The link to is to my moblogged Flickr Photo Set.

So, ladies & gents, I owe y'all the 2008 and the 2009 Punk Rock Bowling Photo Essays...

Better late than never.

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