It is all Lux's Fault...

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As a way of saying goodbye and fair passing to Mr. Lux Interior, of The Cramps, I would like to confess that I was a good child with a permissive mother who only ever got grounded 2x in my whole life. First grounding in 1978 was all my sister's fault, and the second grounding in 1982 was all Lux Interior's fault.

Yes, I did cut my sister's hair into a cannibal bowl haircut when she was only two and had finally grown enough hair to call for such a lovely flattering haircut. And yes, I did take my brother and a few friends to see Urgh! A Music War at the Balboa Theatre and yes we did ask my mom to pick us up.

But Mom was supposed to wait outside for the movie to be out and not come in halfway through the movie just in time to see Lux's performance in very low cut pants and stroking of himself. The above video is a clip from the movie, of which I never saw the end of as I had to go start being grounded at home before the end of the song.

Lux, we love you!

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