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Hancock - Staring Will Smith and Charlize Theron
Hancock is about a everyday superhero named Hancock who needs to clean up his image just a bit.
Very Surprised. I was entertained. Although the story line between the characters of Will and Charlize was a bit annoying, I felt they could have developed that better but that's what sequels as well as prequels, are for, right?
I give it 3 Tinks!

Charlie Bartlett - Staring Anton Yelchin as Charlie Bartlett, Robert Downing Jr and Kat Dennings
Charlie Bartlett is about a teenager trying to find himself and it get's him into trouble. What else is new.
It was a good movie. It has Kat Dennings from Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (which I loved) who I think is a good up and coming actress but I see why she was picked for Nick and Norah, pretty much the same character.
I give it 2 Tinks!

Vicki Christina Barcelona Starring Javier Bardem (my love) and a slew of other people.
Well, it has Javier Bardem in it . . . O.K. I will get serious . . . The movie is about relationships and finding love, falling out of love and how love makes you CRAZY!
Basically I want to go to Spain, the movie makes you fall in love with Spain. So I'm going to Spain. I actually thought it was a good movie.
I give it 4 Tinks! one extra for Javier Bardem! Can you tell I love Javier Bardem? Just wondering.

The Duchess starring Keira Knightley and Ralph Fiennes
The Duchess is about the Duchess of Devonshire in the 1700's England. She was a young woman married in hopes that she would have Duke of Devonshire's son/hier. She was the talk of society in regards her fashions, debt and gossip. The movie was about her but it was more about how much of an a**hole her husband was to her.
I give it 4 Tinks!

Burn After Reading Starring Frances McDormand and George Clooney
The movie is about how very different lives collide and how the world is such a small place. I think it was a very standard Cohen Brother's film.
I give it 3 Tinks!

Fool's Gold Starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson
Another Romantic comedy from Matthew and McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Oh boy do they find themselves in trouble this time. Will they find the treasure and get back together. You will have to watch and find out. Predictable.
I give it 3 Tinks! (for the supporting cast)

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