Tink's 2008 Year End Music Redux!

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Well since I have not really posted much this year, I'm going to now vomit all that i have wanted to tell you folks but have not had the time and, unfortunately, the desire to post. Being that I'm recently unemployed, I decided to cross some things off the list and start 09' with a clean to do list. Basically, I'm really glad to see 2008 scooch on out of here. So enjoy!

Started 08' on a positive note. Punk Rock Bowling. Please see my review here.
Also, here are my pics.

March, I took the plunge and went to Austin, TX for SxSW. I really had a great time. I heart Austin, TX!
I did the whole ten days of SXSW which includes, Interactive, Film, and Music. For Interactive, I just went to panels and enjoyed learning new things about all things web. Through Ms. Jen I met some lovely, very smart folks from many parts of the world.
During that time, I took myself up to The Continental Club to see James Intveld. I know I live in L.A. and I can see James Intveld pretty much anytime I want but this was the only time for me to get to The Continental Club. While I was there, I met some folks from Sweden and I got to dance.
For Film, the only thing that I went to see was the Sailor Jerry documentary. I thought it was a really great doc. The showing was held at a very small movie theater in a mall in North Austin. I took public transit a spin gettin' there. Many tattooed people, who help get this doc off the ground were there, including, Don Hardy. After seeing the documentary, I took a cab out to Ginny's Little Longhorn. Through the years, I have met some fine folks from Austin and they have pounded into my head that if I ever land myself in Austin, that I have to go to Ginny's. Well I got there and LOVED IT. Roger Wallace was playing that night so it made even more worth the visit!
And finally Music. That was the best part. For those that have not gone to SXSW before, the Music part of SXSW is a whole lot of music. Over 2000 bands around the world descend on Austin, to play their songs and to schmooze. 6th St., as well as, all of Austin for the most part are packed with bars and people and more bars and people. Hightlights for me: X and standing next to Moby at X, Aggrolites, Legendary Shack Shakers, an acoustic set by the Asylum Street Spankers, and the Dolly Rots, and the food . . . SxSW is expensive. If you can get your company to pay for it or somehow write it off, then by all means GO! Oh and go on the Duck Tour. Fabulous!
How To Survive SXSW!
Plan ahead as much as possible.
But be flexible and open to change.
Pack for all kinds of weather.
Buy a badge.
Book early for travel and hotel!

June, I went to the Ink and Iron Tattoo and Kustom Kulture Festival event at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. I went the first day and I was fine going just to the first day. Not very crowded and I think the line up for the bands was better, too; Wayne Hancock, Rosie Flores, Dale Watson, The Blasters. I liked the event. Lot's of cars, vendors, and a ship full of tattoo artists.

July, I went to the Hootenanny with Wanda, Sandra and Justin. I took a break from last year since I almost died in the heat on 06'. This year was a tad cooler, but not as crowded in years past. It was o.k. Not really a great set by Mike Ness, disappointed actually.

Pic used by Permission. Thanks Sandra

September, I went to Goldfrapp at the Orpheum in Downtown L.A. I took a stretch and went to experience music that I don't participate and actually had a great time. I was familiar with one of their songs "Strict Machine" that was used in a cell phone commercial but live they have quite the production/theme going on. Their sound is dance, electronic, pop. The lead singers voice is amazing. It was very Clockwork Orange meets Court Jesters meets Led Zepplin meets the 70's. Everyone was in white. The ladies had these Queen Elizabeth era Court Jester like outfits and the guys looked like they were going to a Clockwork Orange party. The light and video screen show behind the band was a piece of installation art in itself. The Orpheum has been beautifully restored and the Broadway Bar next door is quite the experience.

October, I went to the Rockabilly Rave USA with Wanda and Wes. A few years ago, I decided that I had enough of going to Viva Las Vegas. I'm still on Tom Ingram's mailing list and noticed the advertisements for the Rockabilly Rave USA. And I'm like how is this so different from Viva and why another rockabilly event in Vegas? Wanda asked me to go with and assured me that it's not like Viva. More Rockabilly music centered and it's low key. Just music and vendors. I also think that the Tom Ingram folks wanted to test out The Orleans where Viva will be held this coming year for the first time. I have stayed at the Orleans and found it quite nice. More room and a lot more accommodating. I think Viva will do well there. It does get crowded around the showrooms, so that may have to be worked out especially when there is no band playing, i.e., it gets smoky!
I had a great time. I liked how it was low key but at the same time a few more people would have been nice. The Stars of Sun Show was fantastic. Four original Sun Recording artists; Hayden Thompson, Jack Earls, Carl Mann, and Sunny Burgess. It was supposed to be five but Billy Lee Riley was ill. All are now in there 70's, respectively, and just were so happy to be there and it was very sweet. They each played their hits and then some! Unfortunately, the pics that I took came out bad but here are pics of us!


In Dec, I headed out to Alex's in Long Beach to see Wayne Hancock, Russell Scott and the Hula Girls. Wayne can never do wrong. Russell Scott and His Red Hots were amazing and Russell has never sounded better. The Hula Girls were fun,a mix a surf and rockabilly.

Recently, went to visit Big Sandy and His Fly Rite Boys at the Juke Joint in Anaheim. It's my first time to get over to the Juke Joint since it has opened like 5 years ago. I know it takes me awhile. Anyways, it was crowded and it does not have the best layout to see bands. But I saw some old friends so that was nice.

So what does 09' have in store for Tink? All I ask for is peace, love, and continuous employment!


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