Darlin's Highlights of 2008

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Taking sushi lessons from David Fisher Stevenson of Big Blue Hearts.

Attending my 10-year high school reunion...and learning that I am not nearly as bitter as I thought I was.

Class of '98 10 Year Reunion.jpg

Discovering public transit. Even though gas prices are currently at a five-year low, life is so much more interesting when you ride the bus to work.

Spending way too much time in the desert for the Coachella and Stagecoach Music Festivals.

Flogging Molly.jpg

Getting kidnapped by the Eli Young Band after the CMA Awards.

Volunteering at a beer booth at Gay Pride. My favorite moment was watching a young man lose his lunch into a trash can...then watching his boyfriend hand him another beer.

Taking my goddaughter to the beach for the first time!

Vicki & Vicki.jpg

Seeing the Kirov Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, San Francisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet, and Los Angeles Ballet - all in the same year!

Serving as a panelist on the "Call Day" panel at the Americana Music Conference (for those counting at home - that's four trips to Nashville I made this year. FOUR!!!!).

AMA Panel.jpg

Visiting the Autry Museum, California Science Center, and Skirball Center for the first time.

An historic election.

Adopting two kitties from a local shelter. Or, rather, I should say, they adopted me. Either way, it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Sleepy Kitty!.jpg
Who, Me.jpg

And to think that it all started by waking up with a terrific hangover at my friend Natasha's house on January 1, 2008 after her annual New Year's Party....and realizing I'd locked my keys in the truck.

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