A Peaceful Solution . . .

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is Willie Nelson. Went to his show at the new Nokia Theatre in Downtown L.A. Across the street from the Staples Center.
First of all the Nokia Theatre is a decent venue for once. Not to big and not a bad seat in the house.
This was my first time seeing Willie Nelson perform live. I missed Johnny, Roy and Jerry Lee is unreliable (sorry Killa) and well Willie is one of the last "outlaws". Highlights was nod to Crazy and then a triple treat of Hank Williams, plus a few hits.
He has a couple of his sons perform with him. One of his sons is awesome blues guitarist but when he sang I was a bit thrown off. I thought it would be deeper but it wasn't. Just didn't mix. Both sons are into Bob (Marley, that is) which I think brings musically a even more laid back/relax vibe to the night.
At the beginning of the show he played this mini movie/video of him kicking back in Lucky, Texas for the annual lawnmower race. Stars like Luke (I heart) and Owen Wilson, Woody Harrelson, who I thought was awesome in The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio by the way, and unfortunately Jessica Simpson were featured. It was very cute and had a few laughs.
Willie played his anti war song A Peaceful Solution which got everyone on their feet. It has great lyrics. I really do think we need to take back America.
I was disappointed that he didn't perform Hello Walls, one of my faves!

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I am SO jealous. :)

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