Betrayed by Michael Dell

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All right, so I'm an idiot, but I just now figured out that my new Dell computer came with pre-downloaded music. Did your computer do this? How did Michael Dell know what to send? I mean, did he read my mind? Clearly NOT, because he loaded up Nickel Creek, someone named Carey Ott, The Greencards, and Freakhouse (who the hell are THEY?) and when I finally figured out how to download MY music (i.e., GOOD music), there was this musical CLUTTER sitting in there and I had to delete it all. Humph!

Doesn't Michael Dell know that music is SACRED and that he can't just determine a person's musical taste for them? Do you think those bands PAID Mr. Dell to load them on my computer, or does he simply thinks he knows best? I mean, the man is worth $16 million dollars; does he really need to take payola from Nickel Creek?


P.S. Thanks for the Karsh Kale, Mike.

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