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Last Tuesday, as I was riding my bike home from work, I noticed a KLOS booth set up in front of a Starbucks. Investigating further, I discovered it was a promotion for the release of the new Paul McCartney album on the Starbucks label. Under the big top was Chris Carter, the host of the weekly "Breakfast With The Beatles" radio show - which I plead guilty of listening to.
Since he is obviously accustomed to geeks, he wasn't at all taken aback by my bicycle helmet.
In addition to KLOS swag and free samples of various coffee drinks and pastries, there was a trivia contest. I quickly made it to the final three. The final question concerned the b-side of the first Paul McCartney solo single. One fellow contestant completely froze up, but another one got it right and won the grand prize. My answer of "Freebird" was incorrect.

This picture was lifted from the "Breakfast With The Beatles" website. It looks like it was taken right after I left.

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