Jesse Sykes and the Moaners at Bordello, Wednesday, July 25



Just a heads up that Yep Roc duo, The Moaners, are hitting the road with Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter! Their publicist, Jenny, says "the Moaners have managed to capture the unapologetic sexuality of Polly Jean Harvey and combine it with the raw amplified blues of the Fat Possum crowd." That's sort of true. I think of Tom Waits as a woman playing a saw.

We already know I love Jesse Sykes: moody, spacey, dreamy alt country so slow and sad it makes the Cowboy Junkies sound like dance music.

I also love Bordello, L.A.'s sexiest new bar. Can you say romance? Can you say classy? Jen took me there for my birthday and bought me expensive drinks. Thanks, Jen!

But why Wednesday night? I don't love Wednesday night, and it doesn't love me. It's so far from Friday, they're not even speaking. Do what you can. That's all I ask.


This is the Wanda who loves Jesse Sykes so-oo much she chose to stay home and make Valentine's Day cards instead of seeing her at the Henry Fonda Theatre one Friday night in February. But oh-hh....Jesse plays on a WEDNESDAY night, and Wanda's all over it. Wha-at?

It's okay. She knows I love her anyway.

No, I'm NOT all over it. I'm OUT. Wednesday, Thursday, even Friday - I can't play. Why doesn't anyone play on a Saturday night anymore?

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