I'm Baaaaack!

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Just so you know, my laptop got stolen, which is why I've been gone for a while. And you thought I was ignoring you! Yep, swiped right outta my own house. It wasn't even like I took it to Krgystan and lost it or something. Theives broke into my house, fingered everything, and took the laptop. And the most humiliating, aggravating, devastating part of all? I DIDN'T HAVE MY PHOTOS BACKED UP. I get teary talking about it. Just learn from my mistake. Back up your photos.

In any case, I bought a new Dell Inspiron e1705, and here it is:



I'm enjoying the 17" display and the various bells and whistles. The wide screen gives me the opportunity to have multiple screens open with real estate to spare, so I can shop online and compare sites. Heaven! I haven't had a chance to play with Vista, so I'll reserve judgement on that. And so far, I haven't downloaded any photos, so I haven't backed them up yet. But I'm planning on it. Oh, yes, I'm planning on it.

And did I mention that my new Dell came with LoJack? That's right. I pity the fool that tries to steal this puppy and finds me at their door.

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