Custom and Kustom Handbags

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In the ever lasting quest to look unique and cute, I love the idea of specially designed accessories that will make me stand out. Because even amongst the subcultural, things start to look alike.


I you want to flex your designing muscles, check out Freddy & Ma's interactive website, where you choose the style, leather trim, pattern and hardware of your custom handbag. Plaids and black leather? Check. Pink skulls? Check. However, I didn't see any vegan choices. Go play designer.


Kustom-with a K

But if you are looking for Kustom that Kicks ass, then you have to check out Trophy Queen's handbags. I covet Julie Wanda's beautiful kustom bag. But I am eye balling a diamond pattern for a kustom tote. Kustom orders will cost a little more, but Jenny, the designer and owner is open to your needs and is very friendly,


1 Comment

Did you ever get a Trophy Queen? I just ordered a Streamliner. OMG. I am sort of out of control. Show us your PURSE!

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