Crocs DID get cute!


so I was randomly in a consignment shop the other day and what should I see, but a brand spankin' new pair of the Crocs Prima Ballet Flats in silver. hmmm....

on sale.
for half price.

Small and slim, it turns out they ARE equally as comfortable as their fugly clog-like predecessors: they're light as air and gel-cushioney, and they make my feet look very petite & cute. They go with almost anything and come in a pile of colors. I've only worn them twice so far, so this review may be a bit premature, but for right now I'd rate these Pretty Darn Sweet. LOL


I am an avid hater of Crocs. I hate their colors. I hate that they are GARDEN shoes everyone mistakes for everyday shoes. I hate the millions of charms you can buy for them at the counter at Nordstrom (Nordstrom what are you doing?). Even my boyfriend upon seeing a man wearing turquoise ones with shorts and a backwards hat said "Jesus dude, are those your bagel-gettin shoes?" (We were at a bagel place if that didn't make sense). But I agree with you...I saw these and my brain went "waaahhhht?". Good call.

I've been fortunate enough to have pretty much missed out on the whole crocs fanaticism wave that so many crocs haters have had to suffer through (they make charms?? people collect them?? who knew? lol ) Either they're not very popular in the ghetto or I'm just oblivious! :P

their spring line also has some wedges that don't look too bad.... and I bet they're damn comfortable.

These remind me of Jellies. And I LOVE Jellies! So 80s! So comfy! But don't they make your feet sweat? And then, do you have to wear ankle socks with a little lace trim to combat the foot sweat? And am I revealing entirely too much right now? I think I am.

Oh, and do they run wide? I wanted some Crocs (AS GARDEN SHOES, JESS) when they first came out but they run too wide for my skinny feet.

maybe a little wide, def. not narrow, but not huge and floppy like the croc clog things.... I still have only worn them to work or just for a few hours here and there, nothing real long or busy. they could probably put a couple of the little holes on the instep, I guess.

Itellyawhatthough: they feel REALLY good on the feet, they make flip-flops feel heavy! LOL

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