November 4th Film Releases

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I'm very disappointed in you, movie going audience. I know I've been neglectful and that last weekend was Halloween, but that is no excuse for making Saw 2 the #1 movie in America. That is just plain wrong. Especially when revival houses all over the city were offering some fantastic alternatives. Heck, the New Beverly was doing a double feature of Lost Boys and Land of the Dead. Wouldn't that have been the perfect movie set for a Halloween weekend?

Why do you torture me like this? Please, end the cycle and stop seeing bad movies. Good cinema begins at home.

1) Jarhead
2) The Dying Gaul
3) Chicken Little

An unflinching, sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, sometimes scary look into the life of a young Marine in Desert Storm. Do you smell that? Sniff, sniff. Smells like an Oscar nod to me.
(On a side note - Jake G, I love the biceps baby! Grow out the hair a little and call me anytime.)

The Dying Gaul
Ah the independent filmmaker's favorite subject, the seduction of immoral, tasteless Hollywood. A screenwriter befriends a big studio producer and his wife who want to bank roll his next film. But, there's a catch. There's always a catch. The producer wants the writer to make the main characters straight and also have sex with him. The writer, not the characters.
Heavy, heavy stuff. Sex, trust, money, marriage, artistic integrity, and death. I'm sure this film simply reeks with metaphors.

Chicken Little
I really wish I could say this movie looks like it blows. The last guy I dated worked on it and couldn't stop beaming over what a great movie this is and ever since we broke up I have been faced with Chicken Little's ass everywhere I go. Coming home from my parents' place, Chicken Little's ass. Driving to work, Chicken Little's ass. Driving home from work, Chicken Little's ass. That's a lot of ass people!
The good thing is, the movie is out now so soon I will stop seeing chicken butt everywhere I go. The bad thing is that I have to be honest and say this movie looks like it's a lot of fun and if you're looking for some light entertainment then go for it. The only reason I listed it last is because it's up against some serious competition from heavyweight award show contenders.

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