June 3rd Film Releases

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A miracle has occurred and I'm not sure whom to blame. There is only one bad movie in this week's lot. Where am I supposed to get comedic material when the studios almost fail to disappoint me? At least I can still say almost.

1) Lords of Dogtown
2) Cinderella Man
3) Rock School

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
A clique of teenage girls being separated for the summer decides to share a pair of jeans. There are only two reasons you could ever possibly want to see this movie:
A) You are a teenage girl
B) You want to sleep with a teenage girl
Save yourself some money and hit a chat room.

Cinderella Man
An ex boxer decides to pick up his gloves again when he can't find work during the Depression. I've got to hand it to Imagine Entertainment for not trying to hide the predictable nature of this film and putting it out during the summer when it doesn't matter. Two points for not being sneaky and trying to create Oscar buzz for a movie that clearly doesn't deserve it.

Lords of Dogtown
A dramatization of the documentary Dogtown and Z Boys, about the trio of kids who revolutionized skateboarding by applying their surfing skills to their boarding moves.
If you made this number one at the box office, I won't be mad. I promise.

After You
A restaurateur saves a man from killing himself and decides to help him put his life back together, but when he tries to reunite him with his exgirlfriend, he falls in love with her himself.
Pure cynics and people with no patience for subtitles need not apply.

Rock School
A documentary about a rock-n-roll summer camp lead by a former rocker with psychotic tendencies. Think of it as the social collision you can't take your eyes off of - hormonal teens collide with a crazy egomaniac. This is the stuff great cinema is made of!

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