May 27th Film Releases

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The good thing about last week being over, is that I don't have to listen to a bunch of social outcasts b*tch and moan about how The Great Swollen One has ruined the trilogy that shaped their adolescence. Over. Done with. It still hit number one at the box office no matter how many people felt betrayed by a terrible script and poor acting, they came back for more. They always do. It's what I like to call Movie Masochism.
This is also why JLo movies continue to be a draw. People enjoy self-torture.

1) Saving Face
2) Madagascar
3) Bomb the System

The Longest Yard
One reviewer said that there are only two things new and improved about this remake, and Courtney Cox has both of them. Well, I didn't know about the boob job, but I did have an unshakable feeling that this was going to be a stinker.

Four residents of the Central Park Zoo escape their confines only to be recaptured and sent to the wilds of Madagascar as punishment. It's a very "fish out of water" type story as these gentrified animals try to make it in the untamed jungle.
I have no doubt that it will be amusing, but it's no Pixar movie.

Saving Face
A super closeted lesbian daughter of Chinese immigrants has to take in her mother after she is shunned from the Chinese American community for carrying a child that was conceived out of wedlock. The mother, not the lesbian.
This is the kind of quirky human comedic drama I really enjoy. Stories about people struggling with their awkward sense of self against the confines of their culture or society. Another thing to like about it, it's not a remake.

Bomb the System
A group of up and coming graffiti artists wage a tagging war on the New York City government after one of their own was unfairly beaten by police officers.
Haven't these people heard of a video camera and a good lawyer?

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