April 8th Film Releases

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Another Friday, another weekend. What will you be doing? Going to see Von Iva at Alex's? You lucky dog. I'll have to catch them on their next trip through town.
Me? I'll be baby-sitting a bride-to-be and making sure that nothing resembling her bachelorette party occurs. Don't worry. We'll be in the Valley. What's that worst that can happen?

1) Kung Fu Hustle
2) Winter Solstice
3) Fever Pitch

Kung Fu Hustle
As much as I love kung fu movies, I'm getting tired of all the stiflingly serious, overly stylized works that I've been seeing lately. Luckily, relief waits in the form of a comedy about a gangster wannabe in 1920's China caught in a middle of a war between the real gangsters and the iron-fisted landlady.
The selling point for me - The trailer is set to the music of Sweet. A bunch of clips of fight sequences with "Ballroom Blitz" playing in the background. Sweet.

Dirk Pitt goes in search of treasure in the Egyptian desert. Utterly contrived and completely missable.

Fever Pitch
The Farelly brothers haven't hit one out of the park since Something About Mary. I guess that's the movie world's way of telling them to stick to something a little less bottom scraping and a little more tried and true. Say for example, a Nick Hornby novel that was made into a popular British movie.
I may be a little too much of a conventional romantic comedy for my taste, but it still looks like it could be worthwhile.

A shallow teen finds meaning through helping deformed Chinese kids get plastic surgery.
I would only see it if I were diagnosed with bulimia, because then it would cause me to retch without the nasty requirement of sticking my finger down my throat. Smile about that.

Winter Solstice
Anthony Lapaglia plays a widower trying to get on with his life and hold his family together. It may not be an upper, but it's a touching drama with balancing, realistic humor and a fantastic cast. No bouts bulimia necessary.

Steven Soderberg heads a team of three directors who bring three short films together for one feature length drama about love and sex. Could be good, but may be too much of an art film to have the necessary accessibility to make the top three.
I suppose it may make for a good date movie for couples ready to graduate beyond holding hands.

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