The Rasta Rabbi

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When Yaeger told me about a reggae singing/rapping Chasid who has been performing all over the country (but never on Shabbat), all I could think was "Poor Occulator, the broccoli margaritas must be causing horrible hallucinatory flashbacks." But I was wrong.
Not only was I wrong, but his name is Matisyahu and Carson 'I-have-no-business-being-famous-and-yes-Tara-is-a-whore' Daly called him one of the better acts touring today, he just signed to an indie label, and has been on numerous late night talk shows. I even have a link to a video clip.

Chabbad is taking over! Chabbad is taking over! Hide your leavened bread!

1 Comment

What about my "Wheat-Free, Yeast-Free" Health Seed bread?

smiles, jen ;o)

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