Lauren's 2005 Bowling Highlights

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This was my first year and I had a great time. My weekend was G Rated compared to Kitty's, but there's always next year.

This is my top 10:
1) The Famous Jews and Hairdos word search in Fran Magazine during the playoffs. That last Jew still plagues me. We quizzed every member of the tribe and no one knew. Not even the Westside Moyles knew.
Brian is convinced that it was Gene Simmons, but Jen isn't so sure. (I'm going with Brian on this one. If you have that issue, look for Gene)
2) Champagne and Irish whisky in the girls room.
3) Anyone want a Rice Crispy Treat? I still have leftovers.
4) Free vodka shots at Pink E's on the first night
5) The singing wait staff at Le Provencal. Later on I broke into an aria of my own and Jen was nice enough to comment that I had missed my calling. "Yes" I replied, "I could have been a waiter."
6) Flock of Goo Goo on night one.
7) The loser at the Manic Hispanic show who tried to impress me by bragging about his life plan of continuing to suck off the parental teat. The gene pool is closed to him. CLOSED!!!
8) Almost getting proposed to in the elevator by a guy I had just met. At least his father approved.
9) My brand new "Hot Karl" shirt. I will treasure it always, but the Irish Brothers are still getting purple and black bowling shirts for next year.
10) All the cute guys! Where are they the rest of the year?

Dirty Rotten Posers - 94th. Next year, we'll be in the top 70!

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