Kitty's Big Bad list of Bowling Bamboozlement

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1. Kowalski bowler Todd Price getting kicked out of the Gold Coast for taking off his pants after the awards ceremony.
2. Ali being too drunk to stand, and being given a bowling ball as a joke, bowls a srike.
3. Repeating the point above the second day, and him bowling a spare
4. Craig Lima's series of consecutive gutterballs getting us into the playoffs.
5. April and Rob's wedding with Elvis, who liked like Roy of Seigfried and Roy, and them having to "do over" their walk down the aisle due to technical difficulties.
6. The ride in the van on the way to the wedding.
7. The hootenanny in the hotel room busted by hotel security
8. Walking out of the elevator at 3 am and seeing a "popcorn trail" of little notes saying "Girls" with arrows that pointed to a room wiht a bunch of passed out guys
9. Hotel security coming to our room, and we thought it was Mike, joking. "Are you dressed?" they asked. "No!", I said, as I let in the rent-a-cops to make sure we weren't throwing beer bottles out the window.
10. Jason "My Middle Name Is Phuc" first wanting me to carry him like a baby and have his photo taken, then pulling out his penis to wrap it wiht his belt, and failing that, trying to teabag a girl passed out on the couch.
All the amazing friends we made, re-connected with, met in person after chatting on and drank with!

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