January 28th Film Releases

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I leave you alone for two measly weeks and you go off and make Are We There Yet? the #1 movie in America. What were you thinking? All I ask is that you make one wise choice per week with your movie going dollars and you do this. These sorts of things always result in grave consequences, like Are We There Yet? 2.
For those of you who haven't seen it, but are tempted - It doesn't really star Ice Cube. It's actually alter ego, Ice Slushy. Not hard, and syrupy sweet coming up after the unsuppressed urge to gag.

1) Aliens of the Deep
2) Check out something nominated for a Golden Globe or an Oscar, everything else sucks

Alone in the Dark
Christian Slater plays a paranormal investigator. That boob-flashing boozehound, Tara Reid, co-stars. Enough said.

Hide and Seek
Finally, the perfect role for Dakota Fanning - playing the part of a very creepy little girl with an imaginary friend who likes to torment her father and kill people.
How much farther can Deniro fall? He was good once, wasn't he?

Aliens of the Deep
The one is for all us science nerds out there. The King of the World takes us on a 3D IMAX adventure to the deepest parts of the ocean to explore marine that I'm not sure has ever been shown to the masses.
He also brings along three hot, young scientists to partake in the expedition and give us the expert's point of view. Only in Hollywood.

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