BATMOBILE at The Henry Fonda in Hollywood, CA

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This past Sunday I attended the Henry Fonda theatre in Hollywood for the ONLY Batmobile show in the US!! A full house, the three stories of vintage glitz & glamour provided an ideal venue for the all ages event - complete with backstage dressing rooms for all of the bands.. And for all of you short people, don't worry; you can see the stage from anywhere in the place. If you've never been there, GO!

Anyway, the show was great. It was awesome to see Batmobile (Holland) play for a huge crowd (the line was around the building!). The opening bands were great - especially Spped Crazy and The Rezurex. But hey, I'm a bit partial. *winkwink* Starting around 5pm, The Black Rose Phantoms from Long Beach kicked the show off with the Coffin Draggers, and Jack The Rippers (UK). The Rezurex, Calavera, and Speed Crazy (NJ) set the stage for Batmobile, going on a little after 1am. We left about 2am, because I go to this place called work at 7 in the morning, but I was sad to go.

The only complaint I have for the night was that the SOUND SUCKED! It all seemed to run together and I didn't think the bass was too distinct. With that out of the way...

Batmobile was a lot of fun. Jeroen was entertaining to watch and decided to do the rockstar thing and strip off his shirt for all of the ladies. I'd definately recommend catching them the next time they decide to come to the US. There were a lot of fun people there who actually TRAVELED to the show - a word foreign to the spoiled southern California crowd. There were bars on every floor and quite a few vendors with plenty to buy. I enjoyed the horror magnets I bought to dress my naked fridge. It reminded me of a mini indoor Hootenanny.

If you've never heard of Batmobile...

The only rockabillies in their dutch school, Jeroen and Johnny decided to start up a band in 1983. Although playing covers at first, Batmobile decided they wanted to write their own music but with a new, unique sound. After releasing ten albums in the past twenty years, it's obvious that Batmobile has their own style, which they began to call B-music. A little rockabilly, a little psychobilly, these guys know what they're doing.. Like in a B-movie, B-music represents bad musicians, cheap humor, horror and the time of your life. Read a complete history of the band HERE.

For more Batmobile, visit their official homepage.


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