Skinheads bowling? Say What?


No offense to the lovely Xeni Jardin, who I met and conversed with at this year's Sent exhibition, nor any offense to the Chinatown Reading (Hi, Sean!!! Come to Alex's for a show!)... but "Skinheads Bowling"????? No. No. No to the title.

Punk Rock Bowling, which will have its seventh year in 2005, is the best damn event on the planet, with SXSW running a not so close second.

Crusty old Punks, yes. Really Smart Intelligent Creative Punks, yes. Youngins galore, yes. Lots of bowlers who have known each other for years in a creative capacity, yes. Lots of women who own their own companies in cute custom made outfits, yes. Drunks and gamblin' Sober Program tattoo'd men, yes... Skinheads, Donkeys, 3 brain cells and all that is associated with the Skin sub-culture? No.

Besides, how many other places can you convince nice, literate, and musical men to take their shirts off?


Hey Jen,

I think I can clear this up for you. I wrote about the punk rock bowling tournament for Razorcake last spring (and mentioned this site). People liked it so much I expanded the piece and re-wrote it for a general interest magazine in Canada. They took the piece but changed the title. The original title was "Songs to Throw Rocks to" which is the name of the compilation that Retodd Razorcake made for the tourney. "Take the Skinheads Bowling" is an old Camper Van Beethoven song. I know they don't mean to be lame, but they can't really help it: they're Canadian. You can read the article here: and I recommend you add a link to your fabulous pics in the comments section so that people can see Davey Tiltwheel in all his man-tit glory.

Rock the cashbox,
Jim Ruland

Hee hee hee...

Jim, thank you for being a good sport through my mildly drunken cranky post... ;oD

OK everyone, Pictures to Prove it...Here we have it....
#2 Razorcake, featuring Mr. Rutland
and #7 team
right after Razorcake beat the skins off the balls of the team... ;oD

Even better, I came home tonight and my roommate informed me that "Skinheads Bowling" was a song. Now me being me, my formative musical education did not include Camper Van Beethoven, but 45 Grave and CH3... My bad.

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