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I may be a Jew, but I'm a Jew with a sense of humor and when I found Heeb Magazine online it was as though it was made for people just like me (who knew?). I'm just glad that there are other members of the tribe who know how to take a joke and enough of a market to make it profitable (it is made by Yids after all).


While reading issue 6, I found an artice about a rabbi who hired a hit man to off his wife. I already knew the story, because one of my best friends was a member of his flock in junior high school. I e-mailed him at work with the news. This was the conversation, word for word:
Me: "Your Rabbi made it to the Gulit Issue. See 'Frozen Chosen.'"
Gary: "Cherry Hill is famous!" (Cherry Hill, NJ is his home town where the incident took place)
Me: "For amoral rabbis who hire professional killers."
Gary: "No. For (as my Dad would say) people who know how to take care of their problems."

I almost peed my pants.

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