Where are the Photos??? or Happy Valentine's Day!

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11 am drinking at Sam's Town
Bob McPherson and Ali Rashidi plus other San Diego boys at the Atrium Bar of Sam's Town just before 11 am on Sat. Morning...

Happy Valentine's Day one and all. I am currently processing all the Punk Rock Bowling 2004 photos right now and will not be departing from my computer until they are done and launched. That's right, on Valentine's Day...

In payment for my love and dedication to you all, next time you see me give me dark chocolates (preferably Godiva), tell me you love me and give me a big hug.

p.s. The Message Board is back.
p.p.s. I work faster and better with chocolate...

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Next time I see you, I'm giving you chocolates hun! You deserve it! Happy Valentines Day!
~still waitin on those pix!

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