Wreckers Ball 2004 - Sin Through Democracy?


In a gesture of unbridled impartiality (hmmm...we'll see how well that works out), the opening slots of the 2004 Wreckers Ball, scheduled for Halloween weeekend 2004 in Pomona, CA will be decided by online voting:

"YOU will vote for what bands you want to see get into the big show. There will be 3 rounds. As of now there are 28 bands who have signed up to be in the contest. Out of all the bands who end up signing on, you will vote for the top 15 then in the second round you will vote for the top 6 and for the last round only the top 3 vote getters will get into the big show. Whoever has the highest votes will get to choose what day they play. Go to the DSD website or click on this link and vote NOW http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/805660 the first round of voting ends January 20th, The Second Round end January 31st and the last round ends February 14th and the WB 2 Site will be launched. The line up for the Wreckers Ball 2 @ The Glasshouse October 20th-31st will be announced."

So go vote, but please please pleeeease do all of us one little favor: if you friend/brother/sister/lover/whoever's band is in the contest, and they suck and you know it.....SPARE THE REST OF US AND DON'T VOTE FOR THEM! No one will know, you can lie about it - it is just a little white lie meant to protect their feelings, so it will be done out of goodwill and won't be counted against you when they're deciding your fate... in hell. >;-P


I just came across this website and event upon my internet research excersions and was curious how to sign a band up for this event? It appears to be too late to sign up for the next event... however this info would still be great for the next time around...

I would suggest going to the Dragstrip Demons website for contact information - click the "DSD Website" link in the blog entry.

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