Only 8 More Days until Punk Rock Bowling!


Steve of the Ten Foot Powlers gets a wee bit of help from Delia, PRB 2002


Bad news for PRB:

The Castaways Hotel and Casino closed today at 3PM.

Check these sites for news concerning the closure

uh oh!

Here's the link to the KLASTV story:

Local Casino Closed

Uh Oh is right!

Hopefully the Gold Coast will have us!

Triple Uh Oh. This happened at Binion's. I think it's Uh Oh and Buh Bye to our $$. One hundred teams times $250 per team is not cheap, but is chump change for a bankrupt organization like the Castaways.

Looks like the bowling center will be open through the weekend to accomodate a big tournament but the casino is shut down and the hotel will be shut down once all current guests remove their belongings.

Anyone hear anything from the PRB organizers yet? Maybe they can scramble for another locations like the Gold Coast, Orleans or Sam's Town.

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