January 23rd Film Releases

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I think stupidity is the theme for this week. Stupid teenagers, stupid accents, stupid criminals, stupid mountain climbers, and so on. You get the idea. It's not necessarily a bad thing, its just a commonality.

My Top Three:
1) Mystic River
2) Dirt
3) Touching the Void

Butterfly Effect
Ashton Kutcher is wanted for crimes against humanity. One count for Dude Where's My Car. A second for Just Married. A third for Texas Rangers (You've never heard of that one? Well, there's a reason). A fourth for My Boss's Daughter. Shall I keep going? I don't think I need to. But I will say this: I heard that he's so bad at dramatic acting that Cameron Crowe threw him off a set. Ouch.

Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!
Oh to be young and dumb. A naive but pretty West Virginia girl wins a contest to go out on a date with a Hollywood hunk who is not as clean cut as he appears (say it isn't so!). When she comes down from her little stroll in fantasyland, her childhood friend tries to confess his love for her, but not before Tad shows up to spoil the moment and steal the girl. Such a quandary for our little heroine. The hottie or the stick figure? Which way to go?
And yes, there really is an exclamation point in the title.

This is another re-release. I finally saw the trailer and it looks funny as hell! Raising Arizona kind of funny.
Two brothers kidnap a woman from a grocery store parking lot to take over the role of their recently deceased mother (cook, clean, think, etc.). One problem, her abusive husband is the sheriff. Next problem, they need money so they start robbing banks.

Touching the Void
Itís a documentary with reenactments of two boneheads with little climbing experience who decide to climb a mountain that has never been climbed before. Its not until they're halfway up that they realize that there's a reason it's still virgin territory. Poor planning makes for great film. Enjoy!

Mystic River
In a last ditch effort for Academy votes; Warner Bros. is re-releasing this South Boston drama. If you can get past that annoying Southie accent, then this has all the makings of a great film. Good actors, critical acclaim, and strong word of mouth. That stupid accent is the only thing holding me back from seeing this movie.