Cute Boy : Matt


Apparently I was a very bad photo girl last year at Punk Rock Bowling, as I did not remember everyone's name.

In the 17 day countdown until Punk Rock Bowling 2004, I shall be posting a few best of shots from years past.

Today, I present to you Cute Boy : Matt - A.K.A. Nekkid Boy from PRB 2003!


The question of today is - are those bandaids or bowties or bowling pins on his boxer shorts?


I'ma gonna haveta go with c: bowling pins, on that one, Jen. It may help to have a closer look....hmmmmm....

hah! ;-)

Well, if he's at bowling, we'll have to conduct "research." All in the name of science, ya know! Single ladies, sign up for the research team!

actually ladies, they're dice. or fuzzy dice....if ya get my drift...(ick)i'm skinny like jesus... wanda you rock!!!!!!!!

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