AXF: The Dypsomaniaxe

I'm feeling random today, so I thought I'd share one of my favorite bands with you: The Dypsomaniaxe.


I don't believe they have an official website, or are even still around (I'd love to be proven wrong!), but they sure kick ASS!! Check out Ameoba or some other indie place like Nervous Record's online store to get your hands on a copy of this British all-girl psychobilly band's full length, "One Too Many." You won't be disappointed.

Enjoy. :)

<3 AXF


This band is great, too bad they only have one cd out!!

errrr, just borrowed their CD from their singer. she works in my office. well, it's not MY office ... haven't listened to it yet, but when asked what she's doing in this office instead of making music .... no, I'm not saying. volker.

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