Memememeeee: An Ode to Egosurfing

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Thank the AP and their non-stop infobabble for this one: the Oxford Dictionary, in their continuing quest to be the hippest wordsters on the block, have admitted words like "blog" "eeyorish" and "egosurfing" among many amusing others in their latest edition. "Bada bing" even made the cut.

Thank goodness for The Oxford as well, because I had no idea what egosurfing was until I read that article. Being the shameless hussy that I am, I hereby honestly confess that I have fallen prey to this vice upon an exceptionally bored occasion or two. So listen up all you closeted egosurfers out there - when plain old search engines leave you cold, give this baby a try: Netscan claims to have all data from all usenet groups since 1999. It's from Microsoft, so of course they've been mining every last bit of data that every Joe Schmoe and his sister in the universe post out there. In my case, however, egosurfing on Netscan did little to boost my ego. In fact, it caused the exact opposite effect. When I searched for myself, I found: absolutely.nothing.

heh heh

1 Comment

Google your name and see what happens. My first hit was a usenet message I posted back in '95! My second hit was from a usenet post to Barflies. Woohoo! Free advertising!

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