Getting Confused? Need EspaÒol Help?

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As Wanda pointed out in her review of Manic Hispanic's "Mijo goes to Jr. College":

My anglo friends, my Irish friends, my scottish friends, my friends who don’t have 14 friends of their fathers that they call uncle, tell me they’d like Manic Hispanic so much more if they could “just understand what he was saying.” To them I say “Oye! Listen up!” Learn Spanish. This is how it’s going to be in Orange County. Whites will be the minority within 5 years. It’s time to habla espaÒol, no?

Now those of us, namely me, who learned English and Spanish at the same time, those of us (me again!) whose mother is fluent in Spanish, and those of us (here I am!) who have grown up around native Spanish speakers all our lives, somehow, somehow....I have made it to adulthood with the ability to understand about 45% of Spanish conversations but no ability to speak back. I am not Anglo, I am Scotch-Irish-Californian. Hey, no one taught me my peep's native language, that's because the Anglos' ruthlessly suppressed the Gaelic language for the last 800 years.

So, in an effort not to be associated with those danged Anglos and to not embarrass my mom, again, by asking (in a loud voice) in a public place what "pendejo" means, I have compiled a few Spanish Slang dictionaries:

Mr. Gabe's Slang Dictionary

The Alternative Spanish Dictionary


This is clever. My mother collects "dichos" or sayings, in both Spanish and Armenian. Most of them make no sense. Maybe someday I will ccllect them on a web site.

Ha! The best part about Mr. Gabe's Slang Dictionary is the pic of Mr. Gabe on the front page of the website. Muy Cutie!

Mr. Gabe

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