Slow-Breaking News: Record Store Day Gets Stuck on a Scratch

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"Nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded" - Yogi Berra

I've always liked the idea of Record Store Day, you know, visiting your local, independently-owned, "mom and pop" record store to remind you how cool the record buying experience is. For some older people who lost touch with their younger record-buying selves or younger people who like the retro, archaic vibe of vinyl, it is a good reminder to throw some money around and keep some stores in business.
For the past several years, I have honored and done my part to spread the word about Record Store Day. Many artists have done their part by releasing limited-edition exclusive vinyl-only product to attract collectors to the stores. Unfortunately, this has led to the downfall of Record Store Day. The "Limited Edition Collectors Item" brings out the worst in everybody - from record companies (remember them?) who dig up some random unreleased outtakes for a ridiculously expensive "exclusive" item or take the opportunity to re-release 1970's "classic albums" on overpriced 180-gram virgin vinyl, to the avaricious record hoarders who will camp out overnight to get the first and sometimes only copies of everything.
I'm the type of collector who looks for underpriced stuff that no one else likes, not overpriced stuff that everybody else crawls over each other to get.

There are too many limited-edition exclusives. Music on vinyl should be more inclusive. Stop trying to kill it. Again. And again.

If the stores make money, great, I'm all for it. I like record stores and I hope the day comes when they don't need gimmicks to survive.

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