May 2006

South Bay Surf Stomp IV

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Start your summer off right at the South Bay Surf Stomp IV
10 awesome surf bands all day long!


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The Dixie Chicks will release their highly anticipated and critically acclaimed fourth album Taking the Long Way tomorrow. Pick it up - or you could always watch the Academy of Country Music Awards on CBS. Your choice.

Ooh Baby I Love Your Way

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Peter Frampton is playing the Brea Summerfest on June 4th.

For those of us in a certain age bracket, “Frampton Comes Alive” symbolizes our last fresh breath of childhood innocence. I still remember buying the two-record set for $4.99 in the Music Plus store at the Orange Mall. It was during a summer rainstorm.
The first time I french-kissed a girl was at church camp during that wonderful Summer of Frampton.
Soon after that, things got complicated. Kissing and Frampton were not enough anymore. We had to go to the next levels – second base, third base, Alice Cooper, and Kiss (the band). Before we knew it, we were corrupted, jaded, and on the pathway to punk rock.

Jesse's Girl For A Day

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You never know what you might find on Anaheim St. near the Port of Long Beach. Yes, it was a day of fun at West Coast Choppers, the home of chromed god, Jesse James. This doesn't look like a Monster Garage to me. It's a compound of cool old buildings with baroque cross chromed gates and a showroom full of cool choppers and a few rods.


Lots of memorbilia and Jesse this and that is a sure find. Yes, I'd say the dude from Long Beach done good, even winning himself Hollywood's sweetheart Sandra Bullock. If you've never seen West Coast Choppers it's worth your time to live on the wild side and take a tour. You might even spy the man himself riding around the lot. Oh, and don't forget to get a burger at Jesse's burger joint, Cisco's, up the street. It's small, clean, cute and has very good food. You'll see adorable pix of Jess'e prized pet, Cisco. Ruff, ruff!





Filthy Rotten!

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Our own Filthy Rotten Wes is now Officially Famous! Start the countdown! Read about him in the OC Weekly!

Feet Don't Fail Me Now

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How did I become one of those people who never goes to see and hear live music? That's not who I am. It wasn't that long ago that going out 3-4 nights a week was the norm. I used to peruse the listings and map out my week accordingly. Older and stodgier but not dead yet, I had plans to go out a couple nights ago with my ex and heading out to a club seemed like a good way to hang out but have some external stimuli if the conversation well ran dry.

Sandra and Justin

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Oochie Smoochie


KUCI Fund Drive 2006

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In a former life, I lived and breathed for a little public radio station in the heart of Orange County, KUCI. Amongst all the homogenity of Irvine, this radio station was the only entity to have any sort of independence, a breath of fresh air amongst the staleness of the OC.

A buddy of mine from KUCI recently sent me an e-mail that I feel bad for not returning. I'm hoping to buy back his friendship by donating to KUCI's Fund Drive, as I know the station is even more important to him as it was (and still is!) to me. As a non-profit, KUCI depends upon the generosity of its listeners for its funding, and so that it can remain commercial-free.

Donating is easy - you can give KUCI a call at 949-824-5824 or check them out here. All donations are tax-deductible, but there are also some great premiums to say thank you for your donation. My check's in the mail, but I'm really just hoping Kevin will forgive me for being a slacker, and not returning his e-mail. Hey, whatever works, right?

Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys

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I'm not sure whether to file this under "News", "People" or just plain "Gossip" but a little bird told me at Friday's Big Sandy and the Fly-Rite Boys show at the Doll Hut that this was going to be one of Bobby Trimble's last shows. Actually, a whole flock of little birds told me, and the whole Hut was a twitter. Since the Boys "official" website hasn't been updated since, say, 2004 (get on it, boys!), we'll have to rely our our "sources" and not the Official News. They're calling it a "hiatus", but I have a feeling that Mr. Trimble will be back. Once a Fly-Rite Boy...always a Fly-Rite Boy. Just ask Lee Jeffries, who's back on pedal steel. That means two of the Fly-Riters in this photo will soon have flown the coop...