Pit Fire...


This afternoon/evening, I went to my first Pit Fire Productions All Ages Sunday Matinee at the Knitting Factory LA with Channel 3 and Union 13. I am here to report that the show was good.

When I was a small chicklette, all ages shows in the SoCal area were really all ages. They were held at bars that had a license that allowed for the younger set to also attend. Sometime since the late 1980s, this has all changed. With the exception of clubs/bars that have had all ages liquor licenses that pre-date 1987, every club that now has all ages has no bar, only candy and slurpees.

Well, you say, this is good, it keeps kids out of trouble. Bullshit. They just drink or do drugs in the parking lot before the show, and then sit around listlessly during the bands. Ever been to Chain Reaction or Showcase Theatre? Can we say bored, listless, out of it kids? And exceptionally boring if you are over 3...

There is something to be said about a place that the over 21s want to come to as well has allowing the under 21s to attend. There is energy. The youngins get excited, they are animated, they have to act cool because they are with the big kids. The big kids are usually cool and don't buy drinks for the little ones. It all works.

I am glad that the Pit Fire Productions folks have convinced the Knitting Factory LA to have afternoon/evening shows in the front bar/lobby of the venue that is all ages. This evening's show had folks from 13-43, all enjoying themselves, laughing, hanging out, watching the bands, and singing along. The bartender was a wee bit bored, but I tipped him well.